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Monster Mix-Up is the twenty-first & special Halloween episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.


The Super Ninja Steel Rangers are ambushed by monsters who switch bodies with them.


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Ninja Power Stars


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  • This episode is quite similar to SPD's Recognition and Power Rangers in Space Invasion of the Body Switcher as the Monsters of the Week switches bodies with a Power Ranger, the difference is that Wootox switched with one ranger (Sky) and Body Switcher switched bodies of Astronema and Ashley while Versix switches all the Rangers into other monsters.
  • This is the second Halloween special where the Halloween Intergalatic Court makes an appearance (ironcally both appear in the super season)
    • Likewise, the Pumpkin Judges, the Mummy Guards, and the Court Witch all reappear with the exception of the Jury since they were rigged.
  • Plasmora and Shelldax are recycled versions of Necrolai and Snapper. Ackshun is a recycled version of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger monster Debo Kantokku (unused in Power Rangers Dino Charge).
  • Preston's caveman costume could be a reference to Peter Sudarso's brother's character.
  • During the illusion where Stabberous breaks Preston's wand, followed by being pushed back if you look to the right you can see a blurry-appearing (due to making the scene look like an illusion) person for a brief moment. That person is a girl known as Elena who appeared during Episode 38 of Ninninger where the footage of the scene comes from that episode.
  • Ripcon is seen one more time in flashbacks, when Levi in Shelldax' body tries to convince the Halloween Intergalactic Court.
  • This is the only episode in both seasons in which Judd Lynn doesn't have a writing credit.

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