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This article is about a/an monster in Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.

Monster Goda (モンスター・ゴダ, Monsutā Goda) (39): An underground monster who was powerful, but had a gentle heart. Goda rarely lays eggs, so she was extremely protective of her line to the point of attacking any potential threat. She lost it when two of her eggs were devoured by Bandora's gang, who then gave the blame to the Zyurangers. The Zyurangers tried to comply with Goda by telling her that they had nothing to do with the eggs, but Goda was too enraged and distraught to listen. After Goda ran off, Witch Bandora toyed with Goda's emotions by saying she'll restore her eggs if she destroys the Zyurangers for her. She agreed, being filled with a hatred of humans as she enlarges. Despite their pleas, Goda was too hate-filled and had to be killed by Gouryuujin. But the last egg would hatch eventually, with a new Goda to be born.


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