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Monkeywi is a Baboon monster.

Character History

After Grizzaka overthrows Dai Shi/Jarrod, he summons Monkeywi to lead the Rinshi in Dai Shi's place. He attacked citizens in Ocean Bluff, causing RJ to think he attacked people. He briefly fought RJ before the Rangers appeared, but RJ changed into his werewolf form. Monkeywi ran away for the Rangers' Master to finish them off and later ambushed Ocean Bluff a second time. When the Rangers are overwhelmed, R.J. appears as the Wolf Ranger and easily takes down Monkeywi. When Grizzaka uses the Power of Zocato to make Monkeywi grow, the Rangers form the Jungle Pride Megazord. When Monkeywi started attacking the Cheetah leg, R.J. in his Zord form replaced the Cheetah Zord to form a new combination of the Jungle Pride Megazord which destroys Monkeywi. Friends Don't Fade Away


Monkeywi is a large anthropomorphic white-furred monkey. He wears red and black multicolored armor with boots lined with fluffy white fur.

Powers and Abilities

He can shoot an energy blast from his mouth.

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