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Moltor's Zord is a rhino-like mech that is the personal Zord of Moltor and is one of the two first evil Zords to battle the Rangers.

Character History

This massive red, blue, silver and gold colored rhino-like cybernetic Zord was being created by the Lava Lizards, for which Moltor can use to destroy the Rangers and take the Corona Jews, Flurious and Norg cam in created and Flurious (much to Moltor's confusion) told Moltor to work together, and piloted by Moltor himself. While possessing immense strength, this robot could also fire Gatling gun blasts and chains that can wrap around the enemy. It was destroyed by the Super DriveMax Megazord along with the Dragonizer.


This Zord only specks in roars.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Physical Strength: Moltor's Zord posses a great deal of strength.
  • Gatling Gun Blast: Located on top of both of the Zord's arms and shoulders are guns, for which they could fire energy blasts from.
  • Chain Blast: Moltor's Zord could also fire a chain to wrap its enemies with.
    • Electrocution: Moltor's Zord can also electrocut the chains with blue lighting to harm the enemies even more.

Modus and Arsenal

  • Vise-Griped Clawed Fists: Moltor's Zord posses large clawed fist for combat, they are strong enough to hold down the Drive Max Megazord with ease.


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