This article is about a/an power source in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

Mojikara (モヂカラ(文力) Mojikara, translated as "Character Power") is a mystical internal energy that is used and manipulated for the creation of various "spells" by way of the kanji (Chinese characters) of the Japanese language. By writing out a character using the Mojikara, the actual character comes to life in the way that its manipulator can use it for assistance and combat. Mojikara must continue to be practiced and raised due to complexity and the power required for the usage of more powerful abilities, with some even life-threatening if used incorrectly. Mojikara is also utilized in other means outside a writing power, including in the creation of Secret Disks which can be spun to unleash the kanji that has been sealed within, as well as power various Origami creatures created on Mt. Tsunenobu for combat and companionship. When the Gedoshu threat began to emerge 300 years ago, the Emperor of Japan ordained five clans who had mastered Mojikara and possessed special elemental power within themselves to combat them, each sending one warrior to become a squadron to fight the evil: the Shinkengers. Each clan ordained themselves with the kanji of one of five elements; this kanji would surround them and protect them with it's power in a special suit for combat that will fall off when over-damaged or when Mojikara power has run out at that moment. For every generation afterwards even to the present, these five clans continued to practice Mojikara manipulation and raise a new Shinkenger to fight whenever and wherever the Gedoshu emerge.

Electronic Mojikara

Genta Umemori, a friend of the 18th generation of Shinkengers, has compensated his lack of ordinary Mojikara with a special Electronic Mojikara he manipulates with a cell phone, texting the kanji instead of drawing them with a brush. With this, he has utilized Shinkenger technology to become a 6th Shinkenger of this era, Shinken Gold.

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