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Mogurarugin (モグラルギン Mogurarugin) (11,41) is the mole-theme Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History

Mogurarugin is brought to Earth by Dongoros to help him find a treasure based off an ancient map that he believes will make him rich; all while Ken and a boy also search for the treasure to find it and use its worth to rebuild their school. Fiveman ultimately follow due to Mogurarugin's destruction through its burrowing. Ultimately after the treasure is revealed to be an anti-gravity meteorite that flies away into space after being found worthless by Dongoros, the Galactic Warrior fights Fiveman, being destroyed by the Brother Attack. Doldora summons Gorlin #10 to become a giant version, which befuddles Five Robo with its hiding beneath the ground before Ken summons a hammer to smash Mogurarugin in order to stun it long enough to be destroyed by the Super-Dimensional Sword.



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  • Its main ability is digging, being able to dig through any terrain to the point that it causes massive destruction anywhere he burrows; he also has the ability to breathe fire. Its only weakness is its sensitivity to light, forcing it to wear goggles whenever it is on the surface.

Behind the Scenes


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