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This article is about a/an episode in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Mirror of Regret is the 30th of Season 2 and the 90th episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Adam helps a young karate student named Sean to believe in himself. Lord Zedd is about to destroy Adam's confidence when he sends Goldar to Angel Grove with the Mirror of Regret to bring back Adam's unpleasant childhood memories to drain his confidence and thus energy. To deal with the other Rangers, Lord Zedd creates Skelerena.


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  • Debut of the Power Cannon (it was used to defeat earlier monsters in Dairanger).
  • Second episode in a row in which Lord Zedd targets Adam.


  • Five of the Rangers have a difficult time in fighting the Putties when morphed but Adam is able to fight them easily unmorphed.
  • It is nighttime when Lord Zedd creates Skelerena, however all surrounding scenes take place during the day.
  • Despite Tommy's comments that Skelerena was tough, the monster was not shown once attacking the Rangers. 


  • Adam: Right! Now that's my idea of a joke with a serious punchline!!
Lord Zedd (to Goldar): Then go! What are you waiting for, a doggy treat? Get moving! Go, go, go!
(Goldar leaves)
Lord Zedd:'s so hard to find good henchmen these days.
Adam: Find a hole and hide, Goldar. 'Cause I'm back!
Lord Zedd (berating Goldar): Enough, you brass-plated baboon! When I want pathetic excuses from you, I'll give you some to memorize, understand?!
Goldar: Yes.
Lord Zedd: I can't have puny earthlings showing me up. I've got a reputation to maintain in this galaxy!


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