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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers S.P.D.

Mirloc is a dangerous criminal with the power to travel through any reflective surface. He can also use the magical mirror in his chest to imprison his enemies or turn a reflective surface into a portal to another dimension where he can hold his enemies.


When the B-Squad Rangers first learn of Mirloc, he is being held in a high security prison on with no reflective surfaces since he can use them to escape. Sky comes to interrogate him for information about a copycat criminal named Slate. Mirloc fills him in, but gets him into telling his saddest story. He tells them about his father the first S.P.D. Red Ranger, who was killed protecting the innocent. Mirloc uses Sky's tears to escape, and laughs knowing that he was the one responsible for his father's death. Mirloc uses his mirror to capture five of the Rangers for Gruumm, and also manages to imprison the Omegamax Cycle, but the Omega Ranger destroys the mirror, which releases his captives.

The monster compliments their efforts but says they still can't beat him, especially Sky saying he and his father are both worthless. This doesn't shake Sky's teammates one bit saying that their friend and his father are both great rangers, even so Mirloc still says they're going down. Jack decides to prove this madman wrong permanently, Jack hands Sky his morpher and tells him to take his father's murderer down for good. Sky seems unsure, but Jack tells him he has to do this for his father. Realizing his friend is right Sky takes the morpher, says over it "this is for you dad" and becomes the Red Ranger, Mirloc still thinks he will win not matter what color Sky is. Mirloc's arrogance is proven wrong when Sky uses the Battlizer to bring Mirloc in. He is sent to Verinox 12, where there isn't any sunlight, meaning that no reflections can exist for him to use as a means of escape.


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