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Mirai Moriyama (森山 未来 Moriyama Mirai) is Domon and Honami's son in the present that Honami never told Domon about.

Character History


In Timeranger, he was only shown at the end of the series as an infant initially named Domon Jr.


In Gokaiger episode 40, he meets the Gokaigers when they travel back in time on a mission given to them by Domon. He is a lonely boy who has no friends due to his mother's work forcing them to move often. Gai sympathizes with him, but encourages him to make friends. When the Gokaigers complete their mission, they take a picture with Mirai and his mother as proof. It is this photo that informs Domon that he is a father.



Mirai Moriyama is portrayed by Asuka Komiya (小宮 明日翔 Komiya Asuka).

Behind the Scenes

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