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This page is a list of all the minor characters in Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

Renko & Kenichi Shikishima

Renko Shikishima is a doctor whose son, Kenichi became infected by Ucyuseruzo of Influenza's "Genius Flu", thus turning him first into a genius, then a Bibi Soldier. She had been working on a cure to the Genius Flu, but many of her attempts failed due to not having a proper sample of Ucyuseruzo's virus. When Hyde and Agri hear about her troubles, they decide to help her: Hyde initially does so by using his Camoumirage card to disguise himself into Renko and making Ucyuseruzo think she had developed a cure wtihout the sample. Then when it appears, both GoseiBlue and GoseiBlack attempt to attack it; but when Agri goes down, Hyde uses the Landick Axe to slice open the Warstar Insect, then uses the Seaick Bowgun to get the sample for Renko to develop the cure to save her son and all infected children from the virus.

Jotaro & Shizuko

Jotaro is a hearthy old farmer who continues to work the land even at his age. After getting into a confrontation with Agri, he defeats Gosei Black in a sumo contest leading to him taking Eri, which she happily goes along with. In order to get Eri back, Agri works Jotaro's fields learning how to farm daikon radishes the proper way. Through the encounter, they discover about his love of farming with his wife Shizuko, who only appeared in a photo and appeared to be dead to the two Gosei Angels. Using his knowledge of farming, Agri defeats Abauta of the Research with passion; only for he and the others to discover Shizuko was just gone for the day and that the two were still happily married, with Jotaro just taking Eri because he thought she was cute.

Dr. Sakanakun

Dr. Sakanakun is an icthyologist friend of Professor Amachi, notable for wearing a fish hat. While speaking with the professor privately, he is encouraged to take Hyde to an aquarium in order to remind him of his mission of protecting the seas, speaking about the dangers of oceal destruction and global warming in order to allow for the Seaick to fight once again after he becomes too angered with fighting Kurasuniigo of 5000°C, the murderer of his former partner Magis.


Miku is a little girl who was set up to have surgery in a hospital. When Moune discovers her while experimenting with cheerleading, she organizes a special performance for her with the cheerleading troupe on the day of her surgery to encourage her to get through. However the surgery has problems due to the effects of Yokubabanger of the Electric Shock draining the city of electricity multiple times, eliminating both the power and the backup and forcing Miku into a critical condition where her life would be in danger if the power was not restored to finish the surgery. She is ultimately rescued by a combination of Moune and Datas, with Gosei Yellow using the Sparquake Gosei Card to create a massive amount of energy in conjunction with her cheerleader routine while Datas sends the energy directly into the hospital, restoring power and allowing for Miku's surgery to be successfully completed.

Io Hesaka

Io Hesaka is a popular idol-like newscaster working for a station taken over by Zeibu of the Mummy. Brainwashed by his bandages, she is used in his propaganda scheme to take over Earth by convincing people to partake in bandages like her and become controlled by the Yuumajuu while Zeibu, Makuin and Kingong take over her station. After the Goseiger and Gosei Knight defeat Zeibu, she becomes untransformed from the brainwashing effects.

The Tamura Family

Satoshi, Kyoko and Kanako Tamura were a family at an amusement park who became caught in the capture campaign of Giemurou of the Kappa, who was abducting people as part of Buredoran of the Chupacabra's scheme to turn humans into kappa to drain the ocean, ultimately doing so by mutating them with Gosei Knight's Gosei Power. Kanako becomes captured by Giemurou regardless of Agri's attempt to stop it from happening while Kyoko becomes hurt and hospitalized in the process. Kyoko becomes distressed and Satoshi angry while Agri is forced to figure a way to save Kanako and the others from Giemurou and Buredoran, ultimately personally destroying the power siphon himself with his Landick Axe. The Goseiger ultimately reunite the family before Gosei Black uses Memorybury to make them forget what had happened.

Satoshi Tamura was portrayed by Teruaki Ogawa (Sasuke/NinjaRed of Kakuranger; Hyuuga/BullBlack II of Gingaman); while his wife Kyoko was portrayed by fellow Kakuranger actress Satomi Hirose (Tsuruhime/NinjaWhite)

Takuya Motomura

Takuya Motomura is a high school student who is rather shy and having a hard time trying to speak to Mizuki Takazaki, a girl he likes at school. With Nozomu's request, the Goseiger decide to help Takuya try to confess his feelings for her, studying the ways of love and giving him secret advice in order to impress her. However, his feelings are also discovered by Pesaranza of the Kesaran-Pasaran, who infects him with his ability in order to force a greater emotional drive within him that ultimately leads to failure, thus to create a much tastier for him. With the Goseiger and Gosei Knight's help, Takuya's love becomes protected, allowing him to try and confess his feelings to Mizuki, who ultimately thinks he's coming on too strong and just wants to be friends, which he is satisfied with ultimately.

Mizuki Takazaki

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