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This article is about a/an minor characters in Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan.

This page is a list of all the minor characters in Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan.

Director Takimoto

Takako Nomura & Aiko Yamamoto

Shuichi Takase


Professor Kosaka

Koichi Kosaka

Toshiko Ooki

Professor Uemura

Yumi Uemura

Shadow X

UN Secretary-General Albert

Tatsuo Murai

Ms. Omura


Professor Nakao

Hiroshi Nakao

Masaru Samejima

Masaru Samejima is the younger brother of Kin'ya Samejima. He lived with his parents and brother in the Sahara Desert while his father did research on an ancient civilization. However rebels from a neighboring tribe invaded the village and gunned down Mr. and Mrs. Samejima and their youngest son, forcing Kin'ya to decide to join the Guardians of World Peace and to make a difference to make sure children aren't forced to be hurt for the anger of others, ultimately leading to his joining of Sun Vulcan as VulShark.

Namiko Murakami

Hiroshi Murakami

Hiromi Ninomiya

Morikura Arashiyama

Morikura Arashiyama is an ancestor of the Arashiyama family, of whom both Daizaburou and Misa descended from. He was a ninja who worked alongside Hattori Hanzo who took part in a raid to prevent another squad of ninja from getting away from stealing the treasure of Toyotomi Hideyoshi; though failing to do so, Morikura wrote about the incidents in scrolls passed down through the Arashiyama family.

Morikura Arashiyama was portrayed by Shin Kishida, who likewise played Daizaburou Arashiyama.

The Matsubara Family (Shinobu, Kenta, Seisuke & Haruko)

Saburo Itsuki

Osamu Kobayashi

Yukichi Kobayashi

Daisuke & Yuusuke Aoyagi

Kazuko Ota

Yuki Ota

Yasuo Naito

Himiko Kitagawa

Kamiko Kitagawa


Atarou Hyou

Main article: Atarou Hyou

Midori Kawamura



Sayuri Hayashida


Kazuo Asada


Junichi Yamane

Main article: Junichi Yamane

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