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This page is a list of all the minor characters in Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive.

Jukichi Takabe

Jukichi Takabe is a resident at a hospital who was being watched over by Matsuri Tatsumi. His greatest concern in the world was a flower which he took care of while in the hospital. Due to attacks by Psyma Beast Solgoil, he became trapped within while trying to make sure the flower survived forcing GoPink to rescue him from the Psyma attack.

Portrayed by notable voice actor Eisuke Yoda

Tatsuya & Shinya Inomata

Tatsuya Inomata was a cowardly boy who spent his time hanging out with his father Shinya in the woods. When the Psyma Beast Kueikurosu arrives in the woods to use astrological signs to cause an earthquake and destroy a dam, the two spot him but the Psyma Beast uses his power to transform Shinya into a tree, using his positioning as a means to set up the magic to cause the earthquake. Tatsuya eventually is joined by Matoi and Kyoko at the site; and when Kueikurosu sets up a barrier to block communication between GoRed and the remainder of GoGoFive back in Tokyo, Kyoko inspires Tatsuya to have the courage to get a message to the younger Tatsumi about their condition. After crossing the woods with great courage, he meets up with the other Tatsumi who had reached the edge of the dead zone and discovered Matoi's battle. Later, Tatsuya and Kyoko help GoGoFive in lifting Kueikurosu's barrier, while their destruction of the Psyma Beast frees Shinya from the tree spell and reunite father and son.

Professor Robinson

Professor Robinson is a professor friend of Mondo Tatsumi who came to Japan to discuss matters on a disaster first-response system. He became targeted by both Cobolda and Denus trying to prevent his research from reaching him, creating diversions for Nagare and Daimon while directly targeting him as Shou and Matsuri watch over him. Ultimately, they fail both due to GoGoFive and due to Matoi giving Mondo the plans via a picture of Robinson and Mondo in their youth, both being part of a band whose photo hid the first-response plan.

Mizuki Kido

Main article: Mizuki Kido

Daigo Satonaka

Daigo Satonaka is a soccer-playing boy who became protected by Daimon after the boy sees him as useless in a rescue compared to his older brother Matoi. During a Psyma attack, Daigo becomes hit making Daimon fight to prove himself to the boy.

Masumi Igarashi

Masumi Igarashi is the head of a research institute around a dormant volcano which becomes active due to Psyma Beast Hellgerus and the revived Magma Golem, forcing GoGoFive to watch over the volcano to help deal with the imminent crisis.

Portrayed by voice actor Yoshie Terauchi

Shouji Numata

Shouji Numata is a criminal who held up a bus being ridden by Matsuri to the site of a volcano activated by Psyma activities. As he holds up the bus, it becomes struck by an earthquake caused by the volcano awakening, leading to him nearly becoming thrown off the bus until Matsuri decides to rescue him. After the incident, he takes over driving the bus after the driver becomes hurt by the effects of the earthquake, driving the passengers to the volcano monitoring center until the crisis was over. Ultimately even with Matsuri asking for mercy for his actions during the crisis, he decides to turn himself up to police to redeem himself for his previous criminal actions.

Hitomi Matsuzaka, Sayori Takeda & Tamie Umeno

Hitomi Matsuzaka, Sayori Takeda and Tamie Umeno were three lost women who ended up being helped by Shou as they searched for a hot springs when he is shot down in a forest by a Psyma Beast.

Eiji Nagase (Reggie)

Eiji Nagase, also known as Reggie, is a thief who is a recurring rival of Daimon from back when he was still a police officer before GoGoFive. When Pierre comes to Earth to protect the egg of Demos, the strongest known Psyma Beast, Reggie ends up with the egg and decides to use it as collatoral when both the Psyma and GoGoFive pursue him to get it back. Forcing both sides to meet him in order to pay a ransom to get it back, he ultimately comes around in fooling the Psyma, throwing the egg to Pierre's assisting Psyma Beast Garaga as the team destroys both with the Calamity Breaker.

Erika Sawaguchi

Erika Sawaguchi is a young girl who acts much more mature than her age, due to her mother's sickness making her learn how to do things such as cook and clean and shop on her own to take care of herself. Matoi discovers her at a supermarket where she helps him out, leading to the other Tatsumi to believe she is acting more like a wife to him. However, she ultimately has her energy drained by Ganemuuja as part of the means of the Psyma Beast to empower itself to use its abilities. After Matoi saves her and defeats the Psyma, she actually reveals that she cared for him because she sees him more like a father and that she already has a boy she likes.

Yumi & Tatsumi Sawazaki

Yumi Sawazaki is a woman whom the Tatsumi looked after and cared for due to the events that lead up to the birth of her son, Tatsumi Sawazaki. A year prior, she was in labor on a disaster site, forcing the siblings both to save her life and deliver the baby, whom she named after them in honor of the event. The team showed to celebrate Tatsumi's first birthday, but they become caught in the incident of the Hades Demon Warriors using feathers to destroy Tokyo at random. While a feather initially ends up within her house being played with by her son, Yumi ultimately throws it out the window before the detonation time of sundown; while it ultimately explodes, they survive due to not being within the line of fire even with the fear of being hurt by GoGoFive due to how much the team cared for them.

Mikael Saeki

Mikael Saeki is a mysterious art-loving boy encountered by Nagare on a night when the Psyma Beast Zombeast raised an army of dead to attack the city. Mikael asks for assistance due to wanting to save his grandfather Ryunosuke, who was one of the dead raised for the plot. After defeating Zombeast and laying Ryunosuke to rest once again, Mikael also vanishes, revealed to have also died and with his desire actually involving allowing both himself and his grandfather to be together again in heaven.

Ryunosuke Saeki

Ryunosuke Saeki is an old book illustrator who died some time before the series, only to be raised from the dead by Psyma Beast Zombeast as part of a plot to terrorize the city with clay zombies. With the assistance of his grandson Mikael, Nagare and GoGoFive face the Psyma to save him, only for him to ultimately regain his conscious and rebel against Zombeast's control and thus rest in peace again after GoGoFive destroy the Psyma Beast.

Portrayed by voice actor Taimei Suzuki


Katsuya is an art-loving boy who ends up in the line of fire during a Psyma attack, accidentally becoming critically injured by Daimon as he attacked an army of Imps with his weapons. Feeling apologetic for the shocking attack he did accidentally, Daimon buys the kid a new set of art supplies as an apology, which Katsuya accepts realizing that it was an accident and not intentional.

Professor Kagami

Professor Kagami is a computer engineer who is considered the "father" of Liner Boy, having created his artificial intelligence unit while becoming a new father shortly before completing GoGoFive's new weapon. Denus decides to use this to gain Liner Boy for the Psyma, abducting Kagami's newborn son and threatening to kill him unless Kagami reprogrammed Liner Boy to assist her and the Psyma. The scientist was willing to go along with it until Shou convinced him to not abandon either of his sons and to acknowledge the mech as one of his own just like his own son. With his encouragement, Kagami frees Liner Boy from Psyma control and allows the team to use him once again.

Portrayed by singer Kentarou Hayami

Sayuri Iwakura

Sayuri Iwakura is a former female friend of Nagare's, having been a classmate of his at school. When they were younger, they had made promises to follow their dreams, with hers to be a great astronomer and make discoveries. She ultimately does, becoming the first human to discover the asteroid Grandeo, which had been summoned to Earth by Grandiene to accelerate Minus Energy accumulation for her revival. Fearing how knowledge of Grandeo could leak out to the humans and GoGoFive, Sayuri becomes abducted by the Psyma to shut down any media knowledge of the situation, forcing Nagare to save her. Ultimately after the incident, she reveals she actually is further along to her dream than Nagare is to his, embarrasing him.

Professor Iwakura

Professor Iwakura is the father of Sayuri Iwakura, running an astronomy lab. He becomes attacked by the Psyma Beast Papetongu as part of a Psyma plot to silence any knowledge of the asteroid Grandeo approaching Earth.

Yuji Takai

Yuji Takai is a hospital co-worker of Matsuri; the two worked together on a project to help the hospital together and had slight emotional connection but whom was also liked by the nurse Haruka. Ultimately Yuji and Haruka are brought together by Matsuri and he decides to tell her first that they're getting married, but it is cast into doubt when the elder Tatsumi brothers see his ring and believe he wants to marry their sister. Ultimately due to the circumstances, including Haruka being used as part of Cobolda's scheme to resurrect Zylpheeza, Matsuri gives up on him and lets the engagement and marriage happen.

Haruka Hayashi

Haruka Hayashi is a nurse who works at the same hospital as Matsuri and Yuji. She helped work alongside them on a special project where she and Yuji fell in love. Matsuri nearly gets in the way of their happiness until she realizes they belong together, particularly after Haruka becomes captured by Psyma Beast Godai for a spell card in order to resurrect Zylpheeza. With GoGoFive destroying Godai, Haruka is saved and she and Yuji become engaged and ultimately married.

Miyuki Saito

Miyuki Saito is a nursury school teacher friend of Shou's, whom he lets have her class hang at the Tatsumi institute for the day, ultimately leading to the team taking turns in taking care of them and Mint becoming trashed as a result.

Tetsu Bandai

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Tsugumi Inui

Tsugumi Inui is the daughter of Capital City Fire Department chief Kenji Inui; though she appears shy and demure in nature she is actually rather violent and tough on the inside. She is brought to meet Matoi for a bridal interview for a potential union of the two, but ends up in a situation where her mind is switched with the Psyma Beast Garubaira, leading to her being within its body while it ends up taking part in her marriage interview. Ultimately she becomes key in stopping Garubaria, using roses to switch it back to its own body after she regains control but it instead becomes Matoi as a result of another set of roses falling on them. While helping defeat the Psyma Beast, she decides to not let Matoi date her due to seeing him as too weak.

Mine Hojo

Mine Hojo is an old woman rescued by Shou after her house collapses on top of her. While stubborn, she bonds with him due to reminding her of her grandson Kiyoshi, who had left her to go to pilot school before dropping out and mysteriously vanishing. She has a love of persimmons and it is they which allows for her and Kiyoshi to reunite once again after their previous fights and disappointments with each other.

Kiyoshi Hojo

Kiyoshi Hojo is a man who was raised by his grandmother after the death of his parents. He had attended the same piloting school as Shou and Kyoko, but dropped out and eventually moved into becoming a gangster, even using Shou as a shield to protect himself from attack. With Shou's inspiration, he is inspired to reunite with his grandmother even after an initial failure to deliver persimmons to her. At one point, he tries to steal the Infinity Chain Card from Pierre but is hurt where he is found and reunites with his grandmother Mine after all they had been through together.

Portrayed by suit actor Kenji Takechi


Nobuhiko is a young boy whose hobby is to take pictures of trains. A year prior, he was hit by a car, leading to Daimon discovering him and Matsuri taking him to the hospital. On the day he was to be discharged from the hospital, Daimon and Matsuri decided to show him Bay Area 55; but unknowingly he was given flowers by a disguised Denus leading to the exploding insects of Psyma Beast Hirugemuuja to sneak into the base and cause massive explosions. Matsuri tries to protect him even as the base threatens to hit a fuel tank but he sees himself as the only one who can save her, choosing instead to try and open the doors shut down by the attack on his own until GoYellow finally comes down to help open the door to manually seal the fuel room and prevent the base's destruction.

Yuji Kudou

Yuji Kudou is a former member of the Capital City Fire Department's first-line division and a senior of Matoi Tatsumi. Due to being one of the best of his division, he ultimately received a position in the F.D.N.Y.. When he returns to Japan to visit, he and Matoi get on each other and decide to finish their showdown to determine who is the best; initially doing so through a ramen-eating contest but ultimately through a race through the woods. However due to the effects of the Psyma Beast Gabara, the race is stopped and he is forced to help Matoi when he ends up quitting to rescue a boy who fell from the Psyma-caused earthquake. With Mondo's assistance, Yuji helps rescue Matoi and the boy and reveals that Matoi was originally the one who had been given the F.D.N.Y. offer being the better rescue worker. He returns to the United States ultimately jealous that his department doesn't have some of GoGoFive's weapons such as Victory Mars.

Azusa Oohashi

Azusa Oohashi is a girl who lived in an orphanage run by a sect of Christian nuns. She had a tendency of waiting outside underneath a certain pine tree every day, believing that her mother would come to pick her up. However, she becomes one of the first people abducted by the tree (which had become a Christmas tree for the church) when it became used for a spell by Pierre to empower the resurrected Ghost Salamandes for combat. Trapped within a pear created by Pierre's spell, she screams as her energy is taken for Salamandes until her mother, finally returning for her after many years, discovers her in the tree and reaches out for her, ultimately breaking the spell and allowing GoGoFive to finally kill Salamandes as Azusa and her mother reunite that Christmas night.