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This page is a list of all the minor characters in Choujin Sentai Jetman.

Seiichiro Kitaooji

Seiichiro Kitaooji is the son of a leader of a powerful business group and Kaori Rokumeikan's fiance. He arrives in Japan believing that it was time for the two of them to become married seeing how it would be enough to combine the companies of their two parents and thus make them one of the richest and most powerful couples in Japan. Kaori shows displeasure at this but initially decides to go through with it only because she becomes sick of the other Jetman claiming she was a spoiled princess during her training. However when the other Jetman end up having problems in facing the Vyram's Road Dimension during her wedding ceremony, she leaves Seiichiro at the altar, realizing who her true friends are and that she didn't need him to be happy.

Ryuu's Grandmother

The grandmother of Ryuu Tendou arrives in Tokyo in order to arrange a marriage meeting between her grandson and Emiko Aihara, pestering him until Ryuu decides to go through with it, even though he believes that with the Vyram threat, there is no time to worry about matters of love. Eventually, she ends up helping the Jetman defeat Mirror Dimension, using her own mirror to block a mirror beam that would have trapped the team inside and giving them the time to smash the Dimension Beast and free its hostages.

Emiko Aihara

Kyotarou Tatsumi

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Female Bus Passenger


Shizuko Mabuki

Shuichiro Mabuki




Back Dimension Dimensian Warriors

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Priest Taigen

Back Dimension Berserk Warriors

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Mika Aizawa

Eri Makimura