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This article is about the first season in the Power Rangers franchise.
Mighty Morphin Logo
Mighty Morphin
Number 1 (original)
EX (reversion)
Number of episodes: 60 (original)
32 (reversion)
First episode: Day of the Dumpster
Last episode: Doomsday, Part II (proposed ending)

An Oyster Stew (original airing)
A Star is Born (reversion)

Intro: Mighty Morphin Intro
Adapted from: Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger
See comparison page.
Original airing: August 28, 1993 – May 23, 1994 (original)

January 2 – August 28, 2010 (reversion)

Poster shows first five rangers and original logo.
Production Order
Mighty Morphin 2

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is a live-action television series. The first season first aired on Fox Kids on August 28, 1993, and ended on May 23, 1994. Although it was a children's series, it became an iconic part of 1990s pop culture.

On January 2, 2010 a reversion of the season with a new logo, comic book-inspired graphics, and alternative special effects began airing on ABC Kids, but was pulled from the schedule after 32 episodes. The reversion was at one point considered the 18th official season of Power Rangers. However, when Power Rangers Samurai aired, material began referring to Samurai as the 18th.



Original cast

Long ago, the ancient wizard Zordon did battle with the evil witch Rita Repulsa. After long years of battle, he managed to defeat her using five magical power coins. As punishment for her loss, she was sealed in a canister on the Earth's moon. However, before being sealed away, Rita trapped Zordon in a time warp.

10,000 years later, Rita and her minions have escaped their prison and are out to conquer Earth. Zordon, desperate to stop her, has his assistant Alpha 5 recruit five "teenagers with attitude": Jason, Trini, Kimberly, Zack, and Billy. Granted the powers of prehistoric animals in the form of Power Coins, they become the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

After several losing battles, Rita captures a newcomer to Angel Grove named Tommy Oliver and brainwashes him to become her Evil Green Ranger. Though Tommy inflicts repeated and crushing defeats to the Rangers, they are ultimately able to wrest control of his mind away from Rita, and he joins the team as the sixth Power Ranger. His first stint with the Rangers would be short lived, however, when Rita creates a mystical green candle to strip Tommy of his powers and return them to her control. Tommy elects to give what little remains of his powers to Jason in order to keep them away from Rita. 

The Rangers continue to battle Rita's increasingly evil schemes, and Tommy is later brought back to their side (albeit in limited capability) when Zordon is able to infuse his Power Coin with his own ancient power. However, Rita's presence only invites even more trouble...



MMPR Rangers

The first Power Rangers (including the Green Ranger)

Color Role Actor
Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott Austin St. John
Black Ranger Zack Taylor Walter Jones
Blue Ranger Billy Cranston David Yost
Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan Thuy Trang
Pink Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart Amy Jo Johnson
Green Ranger Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank





Power Lance

Power Lance

Billy's Power Lance

This is the personal weapon of the Blue Ranger. A double-bladed lance that is close in height to the Blue Ranger itself, it can split into a pair of trident-like sai blades, the size of escrima sticks. When used as a part of the Power Blaster, it forms two of the five laser barrels. Billy calls his weapon the Mighty Maces. Different Drum It can generate electricity.

Power Daggers

Power Daggers

Trini's Power Daggers

This is the personal weapon of the Yellow Ranger and her successor. A twin pair of yellow short-bladed daggers, they are effective as both melee weapons and projectile weapons. When used as part of the Power Blaster, it forms two of the five laser barrels. Trini also calls her weapons the Dino Daggers.Different Drum The daggers can generate an energy double slash.

Power Bow

Power Bow

Kimberly's Power Bow

This is the personal weapon of the Pink Ranger though her successor was never shown using it. It fires projectile pink arrows at enemies, something Kimberly often did from midair. The arrows themselves appeared to be explosive on impact, shown when Kimberly fought Spit Flower.The Spit Flower When used as part of the power blaster, it crosses over the top of the Power Axe, forming a bar that holds the Power Daggers and Power Lance. It can be used as a melee weapon in the video game adaptation, similar to the Ptera Arrow weapon on which it is based, although Kimberly used her bow in this way as well on occasion. Kimberly also calls her weapon the Battle Bow.Different Drum It can transform into a harp as well.

Power Blaster

Power Blaster MMPR

Power Blaster

A powerful assemblage of all 5 of the core Rangers' Weapons: Red Power Sword, Black Power Axe, Blue Power Lance, Yellow Power Daggers, and Pink Power Bow. Used as a finisher on small monsters. Sometimes it wouldn't manage to destroy them before Rita or Zedd could make the monster grow.

It resembles a crossbow, and its two central pieces were the Power Bow and the Power Axe. The Power Blaster was formed by placing the Power Bow horizontally within the locking mechanism of the Power Axe in Cannon Mode, with the Power Dagger's and separated Power Lance Mace's connected to the length of the Bow, with their handles facing forward, acting as additional barrels to the cannon. The Power Sword, the key to the Blaster, was locked in on top of the cannon, similar to where an arrow would be placed in a crossbow. The Power Blaster was used by the first team of Rangers extensively and only once by the second team Scavenger Hunt before switching to the Power Cannon.

Dragon Dagger

Dragon Dagger

Dragon Dagger

The Dragon Dagger is the personal weapon of the Green Ranger. It is used to summon and control the Dragonzord by playing it like a flute; anyone who has the Dragon Dagger can summon Dragonzord from the Ocean, such as Goldar. It could project green concussive blasts of energy, and would often be coupled with the Red Ranger's Power Sword for even stronger blasts. Due to this complementary temperament, when Jason was given the remnants of Tommy's Green Ranger Powers he used the Dragon Dagger extensively, until the latter returned. Jason was the only other Power Ranger trusted with the Dragon Dagger. It would later be utilized by Tom Oliver, Tommy's Green Ranger clone, as well as by a dream version of the Green Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

The Dagger was eventually put into storage in the Command Centre along with The Dragon Power until it was stolen by Billy while under the control of Rita and given to Goldar. After Tommy's powers were restored by Zordon he later reclaimed the dagger and kept it as his primary weapon until his powers were fully drained by Lord Zedd and coin and dagger disintegrated.

After the Dragon Power coin and powers were recreated by the Wizard the Dagger was recreated as well and used as Tom Oliver's primary weapon to face Tommy. After Tom Oliver was defeated he kept the Dragon Power Coin and the Dagger still existed.

After Tommy's powers were restored to battle the Armada he once again had possession of the Dagger.


Dragon Shield

Tommy was the first to use this as it came with his Green Ranger powers, though he could temporarily transfer the shield to other Rangers when needed.[1] After Tommy lost his powers as the Green Ranger, he gave his coin to Jason, which gave him more power than before using the Dragon Shield, and enabled the Rangers to control the Dragonzord using the Dragon Dagger weapon. Tommy then got his powers back a short time later.

As the primary user, Tommy has two golden forearm bands in addition to the shield, as well as the Dragon Dagger. When he temporarily transfers the shield to other Rangers, they gain the shield, and he keeps the arm bands and Dragon Dagger. When Jason temporarily took the Green Ranger powers and called for them, he received the shield, both arm bands, the Dragon Dagger, and a color change of his morpher from its normal gray hue to a gold tint.

It was once again given to Tommy when he returned to the position of the Green Ranger. It was also used by Zack in the Season 1 finale episode, "An Oyster Stew" in which he also received the arm bands. After Tommy lost his Green Ranger powers, he obtained a similar shield when he received the White Ranger powers. It was last seen in the Dino Thunder episode "Fighting Spirit".

During the filming of additional shots for the American Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, the original shield prop wasn't transferred overseas with the rest of the costume. A poor replica was utilized, making new and original sentai footage easily distinguishable (see Notes for more info).

Other Weapons

Anti-Sonic Foam Gun


Foam Gun Fires!

Alpha 5 created a blue device bearing the Triceratops symbol for Billy. Grumble Bee. Working as a kind of exterminator's gun, it fired foam all over Grumble Bee disrupting his sonic attacks and immobilizing him long enough to be defeated. Only used once by the Blue Ranger, it was never seen again. Before teleporting it to Billy, the blue prints for it could be seen in a book on the Command Center's control panel.





The RadBug ("Remote Activated Drivingzord for Basic Ultra Geomorphology"[2])was a Volkswagen Beetle capable of flight, built by Billy Cranston. It was used primarily during the time the Rangers were battling the Green Ranger Green with Evil, although it was built before then. It was used as Green Ranger had damaged their teleportation systems along with other Command Center functions. It can go from 0 to 3,000 mph in less than three seconds. Big Sisters They used it after the Rangers had discovered that the teleportation and communication systems in the Command Center were temporarily down. The Rangers also used it to find Rita's minions, who had snatched a little girl named Maria and forced her to release the Power Eggs.

Battle Bikes


Blue, Red & Black Battle Bikes


As seen in MMPR

The Battle Bikes[3]could be seen in the background while the four Rangers minus Kimberly fought Samurai Fan Man. Calamity Kimberly Since the Rangers were not shown teleporting after they left the Command Center, it can be assumed they drove the Bikes to their location. It would be the only appearance of the Bikes so they were never shown in use on screen. They were based off the Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops and Mastodon Zords for the Red, Blue and Black Rangers respectively. The Blue and Black Battle Bikes had side cars for the Pink and Yellow Rangers.



Multi-Use Devices

Communication Devices


Individual Weapons and Team Blaster

  • Power Blaster/Power Weapons
    • Power Sword
    • Power Axe
    • Power Lance
    • Power Daggers
    • Power Bow
  • Dragon Dagger


Other Weapons



Dinozords and the Power Zord Battle System

Legend:◆ piloted zord, ➲ carrier zord

Evil Zords


  1. Day of the Dumpster (pilot)
  1. Day of the Dumpster
  2. High Five
  3. Teamwork
  4. A Pressing Engagement
  5. Different Drum
  6. Food Fight
  7. Big Sisters
  8. I, Eye Guy
  9. For Whom the Bell Trolls
  10. Happy Birthday, Zack
  11. No Clowning Around
  12. Power Ranger Punks
  13. Peace, Love and Woe
  14. Foul Play in the Sky
  15. Dark Warrior
  16. Switching Places
  17. Green with Evil Part I: Out Of Control
  18. Green with Evil Part II: Jason's Battle
  19. Green with Evil Part III: The Rescue
  20. Green with Evil Part IV: Eclipsing Megazord
  21. Green with Evil Part V: Breaking The Spell
  22. The Trouble with Shellshock
  23. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  24. The Spit Flower
  25. Life's a Masquerade
  26. Gung Ho!
  27. Wheel of Misfortune
  28. Island of Illusion, Part I
  29. Island of Illusion, Part II
  30. The Rockstar
  31. Calamity Kimberly
  32. A Star is Born
  33. The Yolk's on You!
  34. The Green Candle, Part I
  35. The Green Candle, Part II
  36. Birds of a Feather
  37. Clean-Up Club
  38. A Bad Reflection on You
  39. Doomsday Part I
  40. Doomsday Part II
  41. Rita's Seed of Evil
  42. A Pig Surprise
  43. Something Fishy
  44. Lions & Blizzards
  45. Crystal of Nightmares
  46. To Flea or Not to Flee
  47. Reign of the Jellyfish
  48. Plague of the Mantis
  49. Return of an Old Friend Part I
  50. Return of an Old Friend Part II
  51. Grumble Bee
  52. Two Heads are Better than One
  53. Fowl Play
  54. Trick or Treat
  55. Second Chance
  56. On Fins and Needles
  57. Enter... The Lizzinator
  58. Football Season
  59. Mighty Morphin' Mutants
  60. An Oyster Stew

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