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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers SNES

The first Power Rangers game for the Super Nintendo. It was released in September 1994 in North America, January 1995 in Europe, and November 1995 in Japan. Featuring the orginal five Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, the game is a classic "beat 'em up" where you must fight your way to victory.


It was a normal day in the city of Angel Grove when the Rangers witnessed an attack on the city and saw Rita's face in the dark sky. She had sent down a bunch of monsters and putties to defeat them. It is up to the Power Rangers to stop them and save the day. There are five different areas that you must put your Rangers through as they fight putties and avoid obstacles to reach the end. Half through the area the boss is seen and your Ranger must morph. Then the Ranger must survive stronger putties and more hazardous obstacles. Finally at the end of the level your Ranger must battle a monster/boss. There two more areas, those are zord battles. Also all areas including the last two have a code allowing you to skip straight to that level. Once all seven areas are completed the Rangers go on a joyride to Ernie's Juice Bar.



At the beginning of each area you must choose one of five rangers.

  • Jason, The Red Ranger - The character in the show is very similar to the character in the game. He has a large torso and big arms, Jason's most exaggerated features. Each ranger does a different combo when you press the punch button repeatedly, his combo is very basic spins and punches but displays his fighting style very well. Players mostly use Jason in the final and most difficult area, as he is considered to be the strongest ranger. When morphed his costume is exactly what is in the TV series. His trademark weapon is the Power Sword which is used to strike enemys and in combos (all rangers have the same combos when morphed). Each ranger also has a bomb which destroys all enemies on screen. Jason's bomb is a bursting firey explosion.
  • Zack, The Black Ranger - The character in the show is extremely similar to the one in the game, mainly because of the clothing. He is wearing a black shirt with purple baggy pants, purple vest and a chain. All articles of clothing Zack would normally wear. His combo has him incorperating dances into the fight, spinning on his hands to knock the putty down. Even his idle is a long dance routine. Players do not use Zack in any particular area. Though some gamers have used him in the first and easiest area as they go in the show's morphing order. When morphed his costume resembles Jason's but in the color black. His trademark weapon is the Power Axe. Zack's bomb is an avelange of rocks falling from above as if a Mastodon has rammed into a mountain.
  • Billy, The Blue Ranger - He is very recognizable with his signature glasses and overalls, which he wore straight through season one. When Billy fights he does everything awkwardly and hesitantly. He is actually many players' favorite in the game because of his combos both normal and morphed. His normal combo involves rapid punches hitting the enemy about four times but at only half strength. Players generally use Billy in the third area. Whether it based on the morphing order, command or the monster/boss in the area. When morphed his costume is a blue version of Jason's. His trademark weapon is the Power Lance, like his combo when unmorphed he hits the enemy several times at half strength spinning the lance. Billy's bomb summons sharp ice crystals falling from above.
  • Trini, The Yellow Ranger - The character in the show is very similar to the character in the game. She has long black hair and a slender figure. Two of Trini's most notable features. Her combo is just simple jabs just like her fighting style in the series. Gamers mostly use Trini in areas 1, 2, and 4 for various reasons. When morphed she has a very masculine look. Like the males her costume is actually Jason's in a different color. Her trademark weapon is the Power Daggers. Though it has the shortest range, it can deliver great damage to putties and monsters. Trini's bomb is lightning flashing all over the screen and electricuting all enemies.
  • Kimberly, the Pink Ranger - The character in the show is extremely similar to the one in the game, with her jean shorts and pink hair accessory. The game also manages to capture Kimberly's vanity as when she idles she flips her hair. Her combo displays her fighting style very well, a high kick that delivers a hard blow to the face. Gamers don't use Kim for any particular area. Though some play as her in area 1, based on command, or in area 2, based on the morphing order. When morphed she has large muscles and no skirt. Her trademark weapon is the Power Bow. Unlike in the show is it used as a melee weapon, the bow can shoot arrows but that does not do much damage. Kimberly's bomb is pink light beams shooting through the sky.


  • Bones- The first monster to appear in the series in episode High Five. Featured in Area 1. The easiest villain to beat. Players usually put him against Trini, because she was the one to ultimately defeat him in the series.
  • Gnarly Gnome - Appeared in the episode Different Drum. Featured in Area 2. He is the most hated by gamers because of his teleportation, an ability given to all the monsters but he does it repeatedly and rapidly.
  • Eye Guy - First appeared in the episode I, Eye Guy. Featured in Area 3. The most memorable monster from the game. Gamers mostly put him against Billy as he played a big part in defeating him in the series.
  • Genie - Appeared in the episode Switching Places. Featured in Area 4. He is only boss that does not attack directly, rather using magical projectiles.
  • Dark Warrior - Appeared in the episode Dark Warrior. Featured in Area 5. He is the strongest and hardest monster to beat. Players usually put him against Jason, who is the leader and considered the strongest ranger.
  • Mutitus - Appeared in the episode Island of Illusion. Featured in Area 6. The first boss to battle the Megazord. He fights in his second and stronger form.
  • Cyclopsis - An evil zord commanded by Goldar. Featured in Area 7, the final area. The second boss to battle the Megazord and the strongest of all. He has two lives, when beaten the first time he changes to his second form.


  • Tommy, the Green Ranger, does not appear in the game, which is strange considering the time of its release.
  • Furthermore, the game was released after Jason, Zack and Trini's departure.
  • Billy and Kimberly would later return in the game's sequel.
  • Zordon, Alpha and Goldar do not appear in the game at all.
  • Ernie, Bulk and Skull appear during the ending credits.