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This article is about a mini-series within the third season in the Power Rangers franchise.
Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
Number 3.5
Number of episodes: 10
First episode: Alien Rangers of Aquitar
Last episode: Hogday Afternoon
Intro: Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers Intro
Adapted from: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger
Original airing: February 7, 1996 – February 17, 1996
Production Order
Mighty Morphin 3

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers was a Power Rangers mini-series continuing the 3rd season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. As with the 3rd season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, this miniseries used footage and monsters from the eighteenth Super Sentai series, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger; however, the Rangers' costumes from Kakuranger were now used as well.

During the last airing of the miniseries until Power Rangers Zeo premiered, the "Today on Power Rangers" segments were replaced with the Zeo Serial shorts.


The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are turned into children by Master Vile, and Zordon recruits five alien Power Rangers from the planet Aquitar, (home to humanoid Aquitians that feed on water) to help protect the Earth from Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. Meanwhile, Billy Cranston is restored to his normal age with the help of a regenerator powered by the Ninja power coins but the coins end up being destroyed by Rita and Zedd and the regenerator ends up very badly damaged By Rito before being turned into the Slotsky Monster by Zedd. The other ranger kids seek to find the pieces of the Zeo Crystal to return them to their full adult form.

Eventually, the Rangers found their Zeo Subcrystals and recruited a new friend, Tanya Sloan, from Africa. Once the Zeo Crystal was recombined, the Rangers returned to their grown form and the Aquitian Rangers returned to Aquitar.

Goldar and Rito Revolto stole the Zeo Crystal and detonated a bomb in the Command Center, ending the miniseries and MMPR on a cliffhanger that led into the following series: Power Rangers Zeo.

The Aquitian Rangers are later seen and referenced in further Power Rangers series, including the first past/present Ranger team up during Power Rangers Zeo. In particular, Billy goes and visits them on their home planet from time to time to help them and then permanently moves there towards the end of Zeo.

The Alien Rangers are also seen in the climatic montage fight between the forces of good and evil at the finale of Power Rangers In Space and the Red Alien Ranger (Aurico) is seen in the Power Rangers Wild Force episode Forever Red which saw every previous Red Ranger (except Rocky DeSantos) united to stop the remnants of the Machine Empire in its latest scheme.



Main article: Aquitian Rangers
Sentai Kakurangers
The Aquitian Rangers
Color Role Actor
Red Aquitar Ranger Aurico David Bacon
White Aquitar Ranger Delphine Rajia Baroudi
Blue Aquitar Ranger Cestro Karim Prince
Yellow Aquitar Ranger Tideus Jim Gray
Black Aquitar Ranger Corcus Alan Palmer





Morphing Devices



Battle Borg System

Legend:◆ piloted zord
  • Battle Borgs
    • Red Battle Borg
    • Blue Battle Borg
    • Black Battle Borg
    • Yellow Battle Borg
    • White Battle Borg

Shogunzords System

Legend:◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord
  • Shogun MegaFalconzord
    • Shogun Megazord
      • Red Shogunzord
      • Blue Shogunzord
      • Black Shogunzord
      • Yellow Shogunzord
      • White Shogunzord
    • Falconzord


  1. Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 1
  2. Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 2
  3. Climb Every Fountain
  4. The Alien Trap
  5. Attack of the 60' Bulk
    • Zordon reveals the Zeo Quest.
  6. Water You Thinking?
    • The Zeo Quest starts. Rocky searches for his crystal.
  7. Along Came a Spider
    • Adam searches for his crystal.
  8. Sowing the Seas of Evil
    • Tommy and Kat search for their crystals.
  9. Hogday Afternoon, Part I
  10. Hogday Afternoon, Part II
    • Hydrohog is destroyed. Aisha decides to stay in Africa. Tanya goes to Angel Grove with the Crystal. The Earth is restored, Tanya becomes a teenager, and the Rangers are returned to normal. However, The Command Center is destroyed.

VHS/DVD Releases

Scenes from "Attack of the 60' Bulk", "Water You Thinking?", "Along Came a Spider", "Sowing the Seas of Evil" and "Hogday Afternoon, Part 1 & 2" (See the VHS Release section of each page to find which was kept) were distributed in movie format along with "A Zeo Beginning, Part 1 & 2" on the VHS Power Rangers Zeo: Zeo Quest.


  • Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers is considered by some to be a full-fledged season unto itself, since the opening credits were modified to fit the Alien Rangers theme. However, it is largely viewed as an extension of the third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The production codes support this argument.
  • This is the first Power Rangers to not feature a sixth ranger

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