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Mig is one of the Fearcats.

Character History

The leading Fearcat along with Cheetar attacked an archeological squad in Brazil in search of the Corona Aurora. After Benglo was released and Cheetar was destroyed, Mig and Benglo escaped and later attack a market place to attract attention. After being defeated by the Rangers, he was revived by Flurious, who used his powerful Gyros to turn him into a cyborg. Now, he has much more power and blaster/sword weapons. He is relentless and has no problem betraying the other villains to get the Corona Aurora. Following the defeat of their homunculus monster Agrios, he engaged Tyzonn in single combat and was destroyed by him. Mig is destroyed by power slash strikes from the Drive Detector.


Mig is an arrogant hothead with no respect for any form of life other than that of his fellow Fearcats. He is very sadistic, enjoying the pain and destruction he causes.

Powers and Abilities


  • Super Strength: Out of all the Fearcats, Mig was the strongest.
  • Bazooka: When he first appeared he used a bazooka.
  • Staff: After fighting the Rangers for the first time, he used a bladed staff which he said was more powerful.
  • Twin Blasters: After becoming a cyborg, he fought using two blasters that could turn into two short swords.

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