This article is about a/an monster in Choujin Sentai Jetman.

|Voice Actor=[[Shozo Iizuka}]] Meteor BEM (隕石ベム Inseki Bemu) (40-41): Created by Radiguet's Bio Dimensional Bug fusing in a meteor made of an anti-Birdronic metal, this monster weakens the Jetmen with his very presence and nearly kill them were he was not for the sudden appearance of Neo-Jetmen.

When Metor BEM returns as a giant, he defeats the Neo-Jetmen in Jet Icarus until the Jetman arrive before Meteor BEM completely negates their Birdonic energies as the Tetra Boy comes to their aid. Though seemingly destroyed by Jet Garuda with the Tetra Bomber, Tranza remove this monster's core and sneaked him into Jet Icarus before he regenerates into a new Meteor BEM which begins smashing the Sky Camp while overpowering the Neo Jetman.

With a boost from the Neo-Jetmens' power, the Jetman regain their powers and they finally destroy this monster with the Great Icarus.