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This article is about a/an power-up in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
The Metallic Armor is a glittery coat that covers the rangers costumes. When Master Vile came Alpha 5 and Zordon created it to help the rangers in battle against his enhanced Tengas. To power up the Metallic Armor the rangers say metallic armor, power up. It only appeared in five episodes. It gave the rangers enhanced attack power, and a reflective blast.


  1. Master Vile and the Metallic Armor Parts 1 through 3
  2. The Sound of Dischordia
  3. Rangers in Reverse


  • The Metallic Armor may have been a nod to, or inspired by, the ranger suits used in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, which were constructed of a PVC and metal plating.
  • Basically the metallic armor is the ranger costumes sewn with glittery metallic fabric. The helmets match accordingly.

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