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Memories of Mirinoi is the twenty-third episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, exploring Maya's life on Mirinoi and Trakeena's attempt to steal the Galaxy Book.


Maya's best friend, Shondra from her home planet Mirinoi, arrives on Terra Venture. Kendrix discovers that Shondra has stolen the Galaxy Book. Maya finds out that a monster named Rykon disguised himself as Shondra. The Rangers defeat the monster with the Galaxy Megazord.


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  • In the intro, Mike did appear but he was uncredited.


  • Mike doesn't appear unmorphed, only briefly appearing as the Magna Defender to battle Rykon.
  • Jera makes a cameo appearance in this episode.
  • This marks the first instance in which an old friend of a Ranger (or what appears to be, as Maya soon believes her to be an imposter) betrays the Ranger. This would be repeated in Power Rangers S.P.D.'s "Idol."


  • After activating the Lights of Orion, the Rangers call upon their Power-Up Mode attack. However, they only charge Rykon and do not perform the actual attack until they call the attack out again.
  • Despite only calling upon the Stratoforce Megazord, the Centaurus Megazord is seen for a second in battle and at the end with the other two Megazords.

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