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This article is about a/an ally in Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger.
Meiko Bitou

Meiko Bitou.

Meiko Bitou is the younger sister of Kouta Bitou (HurricaneYellow). After losing their parents in an accident, Meiko and Kouta were raised at an orphanage. They worked at the same kid center, but it came to the point that she wanted to leave Japan to help in Africa. Kouta was not exicted about her leaving but she then reminded him about him risking his life as a Hurricaneger. She returned home in Episode 41 to renew her visa. She saw the Gouraigers de-transform and she was star-strucked with the ninjas. She played with their Gourai Changers that rattled them. Kouta continued to hide his identity from her. She knew he went to a ninja school but didn't know he was a Hurricanger.

She put pieces together and found out Yellow was Kouta. But as soon as she tried to have him answer, Shurikenger came along in the guise of Kouta. A Jakanja was going to attack her so Yellow blocked the attack. She soon found out that he was doing that to protect her. Shurikenger as Kouta offered to take her to safety. She was most concerned about the real Kouta's safety, that he might put his life in danger. At the airport, they say their fond goodbyes but to realize she knew the truth. She said, ""Don't give up, Hurricaneger! And give my regards to the pretend-you!" One of Oboro's Kuroko Robots popped up behind Nanami and Yousuke, they held it down to keep it from erasing her memory. She left with the knowledge and Kouta was gratified.

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