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"Now I'm the big fish! Heh Heh Heh Heh!"
―Megalador´s words when grow for the Hydro-Regenerator.[src]

Megalador is a shark/oleander/car parts monster. He is the antagonist of the episode Ocean Alert in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

Character History

Megalador is a creation of a shark, a oleander flower, and spare car parts. He is sent to kidnap Nikki Valentina, supermodel/actress of Ocean Alert. He infects Conner and Ethan with his flower blasts, causing an allergic reaction. He is destroyed by the Z-Rex Blaster. Megalador creates a wave to flood the city, but the Thundersaurus Megazord destroys him with the Stega Surfboard. Megalador is one of the few creatures, created by Mesogog's army, whose recipe components are listed clearly.


Megalodor is persistent and astute for his DNA of shark.

Powers and abilities

  • Shoot beam: He can shoot blue and explosive beam.
  • Split water: He can split a apart of water to his enemies.
  • Transportation: He can transport himself to sea.
  • Summon Tsunami: In the sea, he can summon a great tsunami for destroy the city.


  • Giant Oleander Flower: With his toxic flower that also can blast explosive rays, the attack affect the face to his victims, appearing warts.


• His name is a pun on the prehistoric giant shark, Megalodon.

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