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"Your father has sent me to expedite his mission. Despite having an entire armada fleet under your command, Earth has not yet been taken over. "

Matacore is an elite guard of The Armada sent by Emperor Mavro to help Prince Vekar fight the Super Mega Rangers and conquer Earth. Elite guards are stronger then the average Field Commander.

Character History

Matacore tags along with Argus, Prince Vekar, and a number of XBorgs, so Vekar can declare his mastery on the planet.

Despite having the upper hand, he retreats along with Argus, due to have Prince Vekar being hurt in battle, and is teleported due to the interference of Levira and Damaras.

He returns to Earth, soon afterwards, to battle the Mega Rangers again, this time only with the aid of XBorgs. He is defeated by the Super Mega Rangers using their new Samurai powers and destroyed by the Super Mega Sabers Final Strike.

Matacore is enlarged and overpowered the Legendary Wild Force Megazord, but he was finally destroyed by the new Legendary Samurai Megazord.


  • Since his appearance, Matacore is the strongest monster the Rangers have ever faced.


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