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Master Pyon Biao

Pyon Biao (ピョン・ピョウ Pyon Pyō, 19-49) represents the Undying Body (アンダイイング・ボディ Andaiingu Bodī) of the Master Triangle, as well as being a grand master of the Fierce Beast Gazelle-Fist (激獣ガゼル拳 Gekijū Gazeru-ken) style. As such, he is an anthropomorphic gazelle who monitored a national park in Kenya until he was summoned to train the Gekirangers so they can save Sha-Fu from Rio. He decides to teach Retsu to hone his "Body" and is defeated in the resulting endurance match when Retsu comes from behind. Biao is nicknamed the Savanna Shortstop (サバンナの遊撃手 Sabanna no Yūgekishu).

When he fights Rio and Mele, he says, "The Savanna Shortstop. 'Undying Body,' Pyon Biao!" (サバンナの遊撃手 「アンダイイング・ボディ」 ピョン・ピョウ! Sabanna no Yūgekishu. "Andaiingu Bodī," Pyon Pyō!).

Gazelle-Fist Gekiwaza These Gekiwaza focus on the "Body" of the user.

  • Hoof-Hoof Kick (蹄蹄脚 Tei Tei Kyaku): Bion Biao used this kick in his competition with Retsu. It uses lower body strength to send the opponent skyward with a kick.


Master Pyon Biao is voiced by Takeshi Kusao (草尾毅, Kusao Takeshi). His suit actor is Yasuhiko Imai (今井靖彦, Imai Yasuhiko), who also portrayed Black Lion Rio.


  • His name is based on Yuen Biao (ユン・ピョウ Yun Pyō).

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