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Master Lope is a Pai Zhuq master, who harnesses the power of the Antelope.


He fell in the great battle against Dai Shi along with Master Guin and Master Rilla. He now resides in the Spirit Realm. When Dai Shi captured RJ, the Jungle Fury rangers returned to the Forbidden Room to locate masters to assist them in rescuing RJ. The rangers were greeted by Master Mao. It was discovered that RJ, Masters Phant, Swoop, and Finn were the only living masters on Earth. The other masters were located in the Spirit Realm. Master Mao sent the rangers to the Spirit Realm where they encountered the Antelope Master and two other masters. (Ghost of a Chance)

In Now the Final Fury, Master Mao along with Master Rilla, Master Guin, and Master Lope come through the Spirit World portal to join the Rangers in the Beast War.During the battle, he fought and defeated Dynamir. Calling on the full power of their animal spirits, the Masters are able to send the Beast Army back into the Spirit World. However, this victory is also moot when Dai Shi drains the Masters of their Spirits' powers. His powers returned to him as soon as Dai Shi was destroyed. Antelope is Master Lope's spirit animal pass on Theo.


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