This article is about a/an changer in Hikari Sentai Maskman.

Masking Brace (マスキングブレス Masukingu Buresu) - The Maskman's transformation device and communicator. They transform by saying "Aura Mask!" (オーラマスク Ōra Masuku).

Initially when using the Masking Brace, the Maskman merely jump into the air and then levitating and become covered in the suit. After the team learns to control Aura Power, their bodies become covered in Aura Power, which rips the clothing off their body before flying into a wall of Aura which the suits form around once completely coated. Ep. 3: The First Step into the Unknown Whenever they can't jump up, the usage of the Masking Brace will cause the transformation other ways, usually represented by a glowing line or pyramid that does the aura surround prior to the suit solidifying. Although the user loses the bracelet or cannot transform, the aura power can be drawn out through special training, since Aura Power is infinite.

Ryo Asuka can transform into X1 Mask without a Masking Brace.

Transformation Sequence