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This article is about a/an ally in Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger.
"The enchanting mature female cosplayer, AkibaYellow!"
―The roll call of the delusion Masako as AkibaYellow.[src]

Masako Yamada (山田 雅子 Yamada Masako) was the mother of Yumeria Moegi/AkibaYellow. She was a famous cosplayer named Miyabi (ミヤビ), with her daughter following in her footsteps. Despite her tragic death in a car accident five years before her daughter joined the Akibarangers, she returned on Yumeria's 24th birthday via a delusion created by the latter's strong thoughts for her mother on her birthdays. This manifestation of Masako aided the Akibarangers in their fight against ©Na and a revived Kabukichōmesugurohyoumonchou, and temporarily became AkibaYellow (アキバイエロー Akiba Ierō) in place of her daughter to defeat the monster.



Akibaranger costume

―Transformation announcement[src]


Behind the scenes


Masako Yamada was played by Rica Matsumoto (松本 梨香 Matsumoto Rika). In Super Sentai, she is most known as the voice of Arthur G6 of Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman. She is also notable as the voice of Satoshi (Ash Ketchum) in the long-running Pokémon franchise.

As AkibaYellow, her suit actor is Kaori Ichijo (一条 かおり Ichijō Kaori).


  • Masako's last name (as well as her daughter's actual last name) is shared with Ken'ichi Yamada, a temporary Sentai Ranger who once became Blue Turbo in one of the first examples of another person temporarily using the same transformation device and powers as Masako does in her episode.


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