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"Hyper Force! Red! Ready! Power Up!"
―morphing call[src]

Marvin Shih, nicknamed Marv, is Hyper Force Red.[1]

Character History


RPG Bio: Guarded, Decisive, Caring

Hyper Force Red

Iapetus Lion

Red Ranger

The Hyper Force Red Ranger has control over the power of flame and utilizes it offensively to augment his attacks or shoot flame projectiles.


Behind the Scenes


Marvin is portrayed by Peter Sudarso, better known for portraying Preston Tien, Ninja Steel Blue of Power Rangers Ninja Steel.


  • Peter Sudarso chose the name "Marv" for his character as a salute to one of his favorite Sentai Red Rangers, Captain Marvelous.[2]
    • Furthering the reference, Jack calls Marvin "Marvelous Marvy". "Marvy" is a reference to a nickname of Captain Marvelous given by Basco, "Marvy-chan"


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