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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Maronda is a serpentine monster, recruited by Deviot to present to Trakeena. The necklace around her neck has the ability the capture the people of Terra Venture inside the dimension of her creation.

She captured several of the colonists, including Leo's friend and Colby's sister, Ginger. Both Leo and Colby went up against her countless times, Colby using his motorcycle to try and run her down, while Leo fought her unmorphed as to conceal his identity as the Red Galaxy Ranger from Colby. When Colby took off after the monster, Leo transformed and with the help of the other Galaxy Rangers, fended Moranda off long enough to steal her necklace. The Rangers continued to battle Maronda whose motorcycle was unaffected by their Power-Up Mode attack. As she went to finish them off, Colby came in on his motorcycle and knocked her attack run off-course. Seeing she was going after Colby next, Leo summoned the Red Capsular Cycle and went against Maronda, eventually destroying her motorcycle and defeating her with the Red Capsular Cycle's Fireball Mode. After her defeat, Leo released her captives.

Maronda then grew to a giant size and the Rangers summoned the Galaxy Megazord to deal with her. Maronda trapped them in another dimension briefly where she had an advantage before returning to the real world. Leo then summoned the Centaurus Megazord which attacked Maronda, allowing the Galaxy Megazord to finish her off.

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