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This article is about a/an evil zord in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

Marahzord is Marah's personal Zord that was used in the penultimate episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm "Down and Dirty.

Character History

A bee-like Zord was used to battle the Rangers and aid the Kaprizord in battle(along with the Shimazuzord), it batted the Storm Megazord, they had the upper hand until Cam came in and unleashed the new Samurai Star Megazord drones to give each Zord a combination, it was destroyed by the Samurai Storm Megazord, but it used its electrical pulse generator to disable the Samurai Star Megazord for the Storm Megazord

Powers and Abilitys

  • Forehead Beam: The Marahzord can fire a pink energy beam from its forehead.
  • Electrical Pulse Generators: If destroyed, it can release an electric pulse that can disable a zord.


  • Batons: The Marahzord is armed with two batons for battle.


  • The Marahzord looks very simmer to the Ninja Storm monster, Beevil, only its repainted pink.

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