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Mantor is the first Rinshi chosen by Dai Shi to fight the Jungle Fury Rangers, he has the spirit of the mantis.

Character History

He first gathers the fear from the humans in order to gain strength. At first he is brutally beaten by Master Mao but Camille empowers him with even more Rinshi power. He destroys the dam outside of Ocean Bluff. He grows and the rangers use the Jungle Pride Megazord. He is destroyed by the Jungle Pride Megazord Savage Spin.


Mantor is a cold and cunning Rinshi that does what he wants when he wants.

Power's and ability's


  • Mantis Scythe Arms: Being a Pry-mantis-like beast, Mantor posses two blade arm's for melee combat.
    • Energy Cutters: Mantor can also launch white energy cutters from his scythes arms.


  • His design bears a strong resemblance to Imperious' Ancient Mystic Mode, and the Super Zeo Megazord in Power Rangers Zeo.
  • He also resembles Flurious' final form when he wore the Corona Aurora in the season finale of Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive, Crown And Punishment.

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