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"Pound for pound, humans are not match for a bug."

Mantor is the first Rinshi chosen by Dai Shi to fight the Jungle Fury Rangers. As his name applies, he has the spirit of the mantis. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Welcome to the Jungle".


Mantor was the first Rinshi chosen by Dai Shi to fight the Rangers. Dai Shi gave him the power of the mantis and sent him with the army of Rinshi soldiers to destroy Ocean Bluff. In the first battle with Rangers, Mantor easily defeated the rangers. But RJ appeared and forced Mantor to retreat. Then Mantor returned, and now he fighted with Casey. The Red Ranger used his power and defeated the monster. But Mantor used the fear he absorbed and enlarged himself. He wanted to kill The Rangers, but Master Mao threw him out of the city. Dai Shi gave Mantor the last chance to destroy The Rangers and city and Camille gave him new powers. Mantor returned to the city and enlarged himself. Now he destroyed the dam of the city and went to smash the city. In the final battle with Rangers, he was finally destroyed by Jungle Fury Megazord Spin Attack.


Mantor is cold and cunning Rinshi. He is very nasty, destructive, mean, hypocritical, sinister, villainous and power hungry. He is very arrogant, stubborn, treacherous, confident and will never stop at his goals. Mantor is a cowardly, he fights only when he knews he win. When he knows the opponent is stronger, he runs away. Despite his arrogant and confident personality, Mantor is complete looser. He wants to finish his goals, but always loose it. But he is also very loyal to Dai Shi and Camille.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman strength: Mantor has big physical strength enough to fight the rangers.
  • Enlarging: like many other Rinshi Mantor can enlarge himself, using fear he absorbed.


  • Mantis Scythe Arms: Being a Pry-mantis-like beast, Mantor posses two blade arm's combat.
    • Energy Cutters: Mantor can also launch white energy cutters from his scythes arms.

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