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Mantle is a player from an unknown team who was seen aiding Naria.

Character History

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  • Medal Slot Location: Belt Buckle
  • Blood Game: None
  • Genre: Off-Product Game


  • Freighter Mantle (フレータマント Fureta Mantoru)
A red mantle located on Mantle's right arm that can be used to transport targets someplace else.
  • Desparda (デスパーダ Desupada)
A rapier that Mantle uses for offense. His main attack with it invoves thrusting it multiple times at high speeds at his target.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bull Charge
An Attack that Mantle uses to charge into his foes like a bull.
  • Combo: Olé! (オーレッ! Ole)
A combo move which allows Mantle to use his mantle to transport a target somewhere else.

Behind the Scenes




  • His name comes from the word "mantle".


  • As his motif is that of a Matador, unlike other Players and similar to Hunterji and Sumotron, he responds to Naria's Continue by saying "Gracias, Naria" as Gracias means Thank You in Spanish and Matadors are of Spanish origin.
  • He is the only Player not to have a Blood Game.

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