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This article is about a/an monster in Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.

Mantle is a player from an unknown team that was seen aiding Naria.

Character History

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  • Medal Slot Location: Belt Buckle
  • Blood Game: None
  • Genre: Off-Product Game


  • Bull Charge
An Attack that Mantle uses to charge into his foes like a bull.
  • Freighter Mantle (フレータマント Fureta Mantoru?)
A red mantle located on Mantle's right arm that can be used to transport targets someplace else.
  • Desparda (デスパーダ Desupada?)
A rapier that Mantle uses for offense. His main attack with it invoves trusting it multiple times at high speeds at his target.
  • Combo: Olé! (オーレッ! Ole?)
A combo move which allows Mantle to use his mantle to transport a target somewhere else.

Behind the Scenes




  • His name comes from the word "mantle".


  • As his motif is that of a Matador, unlike other Players, he responds to Naria's Continue by saying "Gracias, Naria" as Gracias means thank you in Spanish and Matadors are of Spanish origin.
  • He is the first Player not to have a Blood Game.

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