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"Now's your chance, let'em have it boss."
―Mantevel to Olympius when he steals the Rescue Bird[src]

Mantevel is a pray-mantis demon and the primary antagonist of the episode "Yesterday Again".

Character History

The first battle with Mantevel in Carter's vision.

Mantevel accompanied Olympius in an attack upon downtown Mariner Bay, when the Lightspeed Rangers came (with the Red Ranger being absent testing out the Mobile Armored Vehicle), Olympius summons an army of Batlings to take on the Rangers, the Rangers were quickly out matched, they tried to use the Rescue Bird, but Olympius caught it, Mantevel then blasts the Rangers and Olympius blasted the Rangers with their own Rescue Bird, wounding them completely, after words, both Olympius and Mantevel prepare to make the final strike on the four Rangers.

The second and real battle with Mantevel.

The Rangers (With the exception of the Red Ranger as he is testing the new Mobile Armored Vehicle) did battle with both Olympius and Mantevel, but they were quickly out matched, they summon the Rescue Bird but Olympius caught it, right before he could fire the Rescue Bird at the Rangers, the Red Ranger came to the rescue in the Mobile Armored Vehicle, Mantevel tried to run away, but he gets destroyed by a blast from the Red Ranger's Mobile Armor, Jinxer made Mantevel grow, the Rangers summon the Omega Megazord to battle Mantevel, but it was quickly out matched, they then summon the Lightspeed Solarzord and the Supertrain Megazord to aid the Omega Megazord in battle, with the combined powers of the three Megazords, the Rangers were finally able to destroy Mantevel.


Mantevel was a cocky monster that loves to toy around with his enemy's, he is also a coward, as he tried to run away when the Red Ranger showed up.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Mantevel is one of the stronger monsters, powerful enough to best four Rescue Rangers in battle, and when he grows giant, it took the power of three Megazords to bring Mantevel down for good.
  • Durability: Mantevel has thick skin that is unaffected by the Omega Megazord's staff.
  • Energy Lasers: Mantevel can fire yellow energy lasers from his hands.


  • Claws: Mantevel has clawed hands for combat.
  • Mantis Scythe: When he gets enlarged by Jinxer, he gets a large Scythe for an aid in combat.
    • Energy Blast: From his scythe, Mantevel can fire a blast of light orange colored energy at the enemy.

Behind the scenes


  • Mantervel is voiced by Michael McConnhie.


  • Mantevel's name comes from the words Pray-Mantis and Evil.
  • Mantevel is the first and only monster to be faced by three Megazords.
  • Mantevel is the second monster to get fought a total of three times, the first being Trifire.
  • Mantevel is the second monster to be based on an insect, the first being Thunderclaw.

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