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"North is South, up is down, I'm about to trash this town!"
―Magnet Brain[src]

Magnet Brain is the magnet monster created by Lord Zedd, from the invention of Billy. He is the main antagonist of the episode" Opposites Attract".


Magnet Brain was created by Zedd from the new invention of Billy, which he called Polarizer. Magnet Brain had staff, that had magnetic powers. Zedd ordered Magnet Brain to destroy the magnetic field of Earth. His mission was to demolecularize the planet and it will eventually disintegrate. Magnet Brain can cause much havoc, using atmospheric disturbances. When he encountered the Rangers, he attacked them with magnetic whirlwind from his arm. He also used his staff to throw the Rangers in different sides. He also could reflect their blasts. When Rangers used the Power Blaster, he wasn't destroyed, but Zedd enlarged him. In the giant battle, Magnetic Brain threw in the Thunder Megazord giant magnet and attacked it with electric shock. However Megazord broke magnet and destroyed the monster with Thunder Saber.


Magnet Brain was a cocky monster that took pleasure in his mission to destroy the magnetic field of Earth and in the result, destroy the planet. However he was far too confident and losed the Rangers. But he is also highly faithful to Zedd. Zedd called Magnetic Brain "a monster with magnetic personality".

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Magnetic Whirlwinds
  • Magnetism Control


  • Staff
  • Giant Magnit

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