This article is about a/an concept in Power Rangers Mystic Force.
This article is about a/an concept in Mahou Sentai Magiranger.

Magic is a supernatural force that has a very strong presence in all of the universe, specially on Earth. Magic is centered on making the impossible or the absurd, like a person snapping their fingers to make cloth or food appear out of nothing. Magic can only be used through mystical weapons, such as enchanted wands, magic crystal balls or by possessing mystical powers granted by an object made of magic itself.

Magic can be exhausted if too much is used in a great effort to accomplish something, such as the Mystic Force Rangers fight against the Master; however, magic can be restored by the strong beliefs held in the hearts of those allied with the practitioner.


The official history of magic is that it appeared with the first human groups, who unaware of how the universe worked imagined that there was a supernatural force known as magic.

But magic stands far beyond the Earth, reaching the vast corners of all existence, reaching alternative realities and other dimensions. To make sure that magic can exist in all dimensions, the Tribunal of Magic was stablished to perpetuate the magical art forever. As time passed, mystic kingdoms rose and fell, and a powerful alien sorceress had risen and some even attempted to conquer Earth. But those magicians were defeated by other equally powerful foes.

Nearly 20 years ago, a mystic dimension called Rootcore, a center of study of good magic, was attacked by the forces of darkness and a Great Battle happened at the gates of a great city. Five mighty Wizards appeared to lead the Forces of Light and they make it to expel evil from the world, trapping it beneath the surface.

Then, a few years ago, a terrible earthquake shook the foundations of Earth, releasing some of the evil, including mythological creatures and former good magicians. They battled against magic-powered warriors who, for a few days, fell in disgrace by misusing magic which resulted in a temporary victory for the forces of darkness.

After the defeat of the Master of All Evil, good magic became a ruling force on the Earth dimension.