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This article is about a/an mecha in Mahou Sentai Magiranger.
Number: none assigned
Pilot: MagiRed
Sentai: Mahou Sentai Magiranger
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Length: m
Width: 18.3 m
Height: 26.8 m
Weight: 900 tons
"Change me into a Majin! Great Magical Henshin! Maagi Magi Magika! MagiPhoenix!"
―Kai Ozu[src]

MagiPhoenix (マジフェニックス Maji Fenikkusu?) is MagiRed's Majin Form. MagiPhoenix wields the Phoenix Sword (フェニックスソード Fenikkusu Sōdo?), which combines with the Mermaid Lance to form the Dragon Lancer (ドラゴンランサー Doragon Ransā?), which MagiPhoenix wields while riding MagiDragon. Attacks with "Phoenix Spin Kick".

When combining with MagiDragon or the other Majin to form MagiKing, the Dragon Lancer combines with the Dragon Tail to form the KingCalibur, with MagiPhoenix forming much of MagiKing's chest.

MagiPhoenix can also combine with Dark Magic Horse Barikion, Wolzard's steed, to form *FireKaiser (ファイヤーカイザー Faiyākaizā?), as well as Horned Sacred Horse Unigolon to form SaintKaiser (セイントカイザー Seintokaizā?).

During the SaintKaiser formation, MagiPhoenix becomes Saint MagiPhoenix (セイントマジフェニックス Seinto Maji Fenikkusu?), a repainted version of MagiPhoenix with gold in the silver areas, gold "Ms" across its chest and head, and a red crown gem in place of the yellow on the original.

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