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This article is about a/an song in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

  • Music and Lyrics: Raizo.W
  • Arrangement: Nakahata Takechi
  • Singer: Enter & Escape (CV: Jinnai Shou & Misaki Ayame)

Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Bon, bon, bonjour! Watashi wa Enter.
Minasan to mata oaidekite kouei desu yo
Saa, festa no hajimari desu!

Monotarinai, monotarinai, monotarinai!
Vagras ni Enetron mada tarinai!
Messiah no fukkatsu wo makasareta
Watashi no chikara wo shiru ga ii

Nani ni mo nai, nani ni mo nai, nani ni mo nai!
Seigi yara sonna mono mimi ga itai
Metaroid Megazord tensou de
Go-Busters wo nejifusero!

Ankoku no sekai wa akuma no tres bien
Hanabira no you ni chiru ga ii soshite
Ma puce no requiem narihibike akuukan
Watashi no bigaku ni make no nimoji wa nai
Un, deux, trois!

Hmph. Go-Busters mo taishita koto ga arimasen ne…
Ooh la la. Mademoiselle Escape.
Ii mono ga arisou dakara kichatta wa
Hmph. Osuki ni douzo

Kankei nai, kankei nai, kankei nai
Shinryaku mo sakusen mo kyoumi ga nai
Aisubeki Papa no tame
Ningen wo kurushimeru koto ga ikigai yo

Tondemonai, tondemonai, tondemonai
Oasobi no jikan ga nai mademoiselle
Mokuteki wa tada hitotsu kegare no nai
Risou no sekai wo tsukuru koto

Tatakai koso subete kairaku wa shouri
Osuki ni sureba ii kekkyoku no tokoro
Taosu no wa Go-Busters! Odorimashou, abaremashou
Agameru hito koso Messiah hitori yo
Un, deux, trois~ois~ois~ois~ois!

Konkai wa duet de otodoke itashimashita.
Mata oaishimashou…
Au revoir.

“Bon, bon, bonjour! My name is Enter.
I must say, it is a pleasure to see you all once more.
Now, let the fiesta begin!”

We need more, we need more, we need more!
The Vagras need more Enetron!
I have been charged with Messiah’s return,
and it’s time I showed you just why!

I won’t have it, I won’t, I will not!
All this talk of heroism hurts to hear!
But once I transport in my Metaroids and Megazords
The Go-Busters will be crushed once and for all!

Creating a world of darkness would be tres bien for devils like us
So watch as your world wilts away, as the
Requiem for ma puces rings throughout hyperspace
For the word defeat does not exist in my vernacular!
Un, deux, trois!

“Hmph. It seems the Go-Busters pose little threat after all…”
“Ooh la la. If it isn’t Mademoiselle Escape.”
“I thought you had something rather good going on, so I thought I’d join you.”
“Hmph. If you insist.”

I don’t care, I don’t care, I just don’t care
For all this talk of invasions and planning
All I care about is making humans suffer
to please my beloved Papa so!

You astound me, astound me, utterly astound me
Do you really think this the time for your games, mademoiselle?
Our efforts should be focused on but one thing
Creating the world we so desire

I live for the thrill of battle, that pleasure is all I need
Then do as you please, for soon enough…
We shall defeat the Go-Busters! So let us weave our dervish dance
All we do, we do for our master Messiah!
Un, deux, trois~ois~ois~ois~ois!

“I do hope you enjoy the duet we performed for you.
Let us meet again…
Au revoir.”

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