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This article is about a/an changer/weapon in Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Season 2.
MMZ-00 Moya Moya Z-Cune
MMZ-00 Figure
Akibaranger s2
Used by: ©Na
Production Order
Gabutyra De Carnival
MMZ-02 Munyu Munyu Zubaan

MMZ-00 Moya Moya Z-Cune Gun Mode

MMZ-00 After Henshin - Gun Mode

Moyablaster hissatsu

MMZ-00 Hissatsu Moya Blaster

MMZ-00 Moya Moya Z-Cune (MMZ-00 モヤモヤズキューーン Emu Emu Zetto Zero Zero Moya Moya Zukyūn?): ©Na's version of the Akibarangers' MMZ-01 after she resurfaces as an ally of Neo Dimensional Brain Reconstructive Underground True Empire of Baros lol.

She assumes her Battle Mode by using the MMZ-00 with the activation call of "Jamoso" (邪妄想 Jamōsō?, lit. "Evil Delusion"). Her finishing attack is the Moya Blaster (モヤブラスター Moya Burasutā?). GeneralTsu has his own version of the MMZ-00 Moya Moya Z-Cune that is used to communicate with ©Na, but it is unknown if it can transform him into a Battle Mode.

Transformation Sequence

to be added


  • This device has similarities with Black Beet's Black Commander from Juukou B-Fighter's changer in that to change all that need be done is replace a vowel sound (particularly the (u) sound) in the hero team's call with another (in both cases an (a) sound), for Black beet he had to say "Jakou" whereas the B-Fighters would yell "Juukou." In ©Na's case, she yells "Jamoso" against the Akibarangers yelling "Jumoso".
    • It is also worth noting that her battle form and Black Beet's are Black, whether or not this is intentional is unknown.

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