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This article is about a/an galaxy in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Gamma Vile, where Master Vile resides

Master vile comic

The M51 Galaxy is an expanse of space that is under the absolute rule of Master Vile. In his own words, it's "where evil reigns supreme and the bad guys ALWAYS win".

Master Vile lives on the planet known as Gamma Vile, a rocky and desolate world of purple skies where three silvery moons (perhaps artificial) are in orbit. His fortress is built on top of a road that spirals up to its front gate and is guarded by various dragon-men and goat-men in red uniforms.

Thousands of years ago, the people of the M51 Galaxy fled to Earth's moon and hid the Zeo Crystal deep inside the Caves of Deception so that Master Vile could not abuse its power. In addition to the various illusions in the caves, they placed a powerful force-field around the Crystal that would destroy anybody who was not pure of heart.

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