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This article is about a/an actor in Power Rangers (2017), existing in a different continuity than the TV series.

Ludi Lin portrays Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger in the 2017 Power Rangers film.


Born in Mainland China, at 4 years of age Ludi followed his mother to Hong Kong to broaden his horizon. At 9, Ludi was sent abroad to boarding schools across Australia where he spent the bulk of his youth. In the final year of High-school, Ludi emigrated to Canada where he graduated and entered the prestigious University of British Columbia where he began his study in Theatre Performance. Besides achieving remarkable performances in theatre, Ludi also studied in Los Angeles in Film and TV acting, also with the urging of his mother, he added a bachelor's degree in Dietetics and further studies in Medicine. Ludi Lin is an educated and dedicated actor with fluency in multiple languages and dialects and a rich body of life experience

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