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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Time Force.

Lovestruck Rangers is the twenty-second episode of Power Rangers Time Force.


Contemptra places the male Rangers under a love spell, making them fight over her human form, Angelique. With three Rangers distracted, Ransik attacks the city. The girls drive off Ransik and while the guys fight each other, face Contemptra herself. Katie and Jen are able to break Contemptra's hold over the guys and she grows to giant size. However, they are able to defeat the mutant with the Shadow Force Megazord and bring her in.

At the end of the episode Wes and Jen nearly kiss because the phone rings.


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  • Daniel Southworth (Eric) does not appear in this episode due to the fact that the Timeranger episode this episode was based off before the debut of Eric's counterpart, Naoto Takizawa.
  • Wes was initially immune to Contemptra's spell as he loves Jen. Jen is also shown to have begun loving Wes.
  • This marks the 400th Episode of the Power Rangers franchise.


  • When summoning the Shadow Force Megazord Mode Red, Wes calls on the Time Force Megazord Mode Red. He also calls the Shadow Force Megazord's attack Time Strike but that is the Time Force Megazord's attack while Shadow Force is Blizzard Slash.

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