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This article is about a/an evil zord in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.


The Lothorzord is a powerful zord piloted by Lothor himself, it was only seen in the series finale.

Character History

A Zord piloted by Lothor during the final episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Storm Before the Calm. this powerful zord was used to open the Abyss of Evil, it was confrounted by the Storm Megazord managed to get the upper hand agants it, right before the Lothorzord was about to finish it off, Shane fired a Power Sphere at the evil zord and manage to get a clean finishing direct hit on on the zord, Right before it exploded it took the Storm Megazord down with it.

Power's and ability's

  • Strength: The Lothorzord is one of the strongest zords in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.
  • Deformed Beam: The Lothorzord can fire a white energy beam from it's right hand, use only to open the Abyss of Evil.
  • Dark Lighting Energy Ball: By clamping both of its hands together, it can fire off a large ball made of electricity, it is strong enough to knock down the Storm Megazord in one hit.
  • Electrocution Touch: The Lothorzord can electrocute it's enemy's on contact.


  • The Lothorzord is an instance of an element from Super Sentai being used differently in Power Rangers; the suit used for the Lothorzord in Ninja Storm previously served as the final form of a living villain from Hurricanger.

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