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"After all, you are nothing more..than my lesser self."
―Lord Drakkon reveals he is Tommy Oliver to the Boom! main timeline Tommy[src]

Lord Drakkon[1] is an evil Power Ranger who controls the Black Dragon and battles the Power Rangers. He is an evil and older version of Tommy Oliver from an alternate reality who rules his Earth with an iron fist from a dystopiac and futuristic Angel Grove.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 11

Character History

Different Path

Lord Drakkon's history as Tommy matches his prime counterpart's until his climatic final battle against the Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott. When Tommy was freed from Rita's curse, instead of joining Zordon and his Rangers, Tommy fled, wandering from city to city, avoiding the Rangers as they tried to find him. Search Party Eventually, Rita Repulsa finds him and tells him why she had chosen him and that he was meant for great things, to bring peace to the world as its one leader. Rita tells him of Drakkon, another young man in whom she saw potential and whom had successfully built a legacy with her guidance. Tommy, intrigued, left with Rita and continued to serve her. Believing Rita meant to better the world through conquest, Tommy aided Rita in taking over the Earth, one city at a time. Over time, their conquest caused Rita to become popular to Earth's population.

Eventually, Tommy led Rita's forces into one final battle against Zordon's last battalion of Rangers and Zords just as Zordon was on the verge of creating a new Power Ranger more powerful than any before. Tommy breached the Command Center as Jason was being infused with this new power, interrupting the process before it could finish. The two engaged in one final battle that Tommy ultimately won. Tommy then stole the new power for himself, and emerged from the Command Center clutching Jason's shattered helmet.

Tommy and his forces then defeated the Power Rangers, destroyed their Zords, and successfully conquered the Earth in Rita's name.

Defeat and Capture

Drakkon De-Powered

Lord Drakkon loses his powers.

Lord Drakkon was overconfident after defeating The Coinless and capturing his alternate self along with Billy and the alternate Trini. However, Billy and Trini collaborated a plan to use his alternate timeline counterpart's Power Coin and created an energy burst that zapped both Drakkon and his Ranger Sentries by modifying the teleportation function. The energy blast released from the morpher during this tactic broke Drakkon's power coin, leaving Drakkon in a brief state of shock and insecurity at the loss of his power. He then tries to goad his counterpart, speaking of how friendship is weakness and Tommy's friends will eventually fail him when he needs them most. Tommy refuses to listen and battles Drakkon. After Tommy's friends find him, rather than face defeat, Drakkon jumps off a cliff to what Tommy believes is his death.

But Drakkon survives and the energy of the portal returning the Power Rangers home tugs him into their universe, where he wakes up in a mountainous region somewhere and is suddenly captured by soldiers of the US Government.

Drakkon's back

Billy's curiosity results in a nasty surprise.....

In Issue 23, it is revealed that he was taken by the soldiers to a special underground holding cell in Grace Sterling's Promethea complex. Here, he was kept on energy restraints and isolated from the outside world with armed guards outside keeping anyone from gaining entry. That is, until he got an unexpected visit from one of the people who defeated him, Billy Cranston. Billy teleported inside out of curiosity to find out why the Promethea facility's power substation was only at half of its total output and what there would require so much energy to maintain, only to come face to face with Drakkon in his cell.

He then proceeds to taunt Billy, who declares that he is not afraid of Drakkon. Grace later on reveals that she had captured the rogue former dictator, and that in the months of his captivity by Promethea that he took a perverse pleasure in regailing the former red ranger with the details what he'd done in his native timeline, the rangers he'd slaughtered, and more. Later, Saba came to execute the madman, but failed, and Drakkon then ripped Saba's head off, using the remains of the weapon along with an incantation he presumably learned from his dimension's Rita to create a portal to escape his prison. 

Shattered Grid

"You may know me as Tommy Oliver. You may know me as the Green Ranger. But I’m not the man you know. I am a man from a different reality. I conquered my Earth, and became someone infinity more powerful. I am Lord Drakkon. Now I’m coming back to this world to conquer the Power Rangers here and everywhere else, wherever and whenever they’re hiding. And that’s…. just the beginning."
―Monologue for Shattered Grid trailer
Drakkon will be the main antagonist in the Power Rangers 25th anniversary crossover event "Shattered Grid", coming this March.

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This version of Tommy is a ruthless sociopath, ruling over his subjects with an iron fist, possessing a twisted vision of the world. He detests any connection that he has of his alternate-reality self, considering him to be a polluted and weak shadow of the powerful image of himself that he has cultivated. His hatred of this connection he has, no matter how distant, shows that his rage and contempt spans the multiverse, which paints him as being truly a dark mirror of the man that his alternate and younger self is striving to become. In many ways, Drakkon represents the absolute worst fears that Tommy from the main universe has about himself. Tommy is ruthless and cunning, using his knowledge of the Power Rangers to systematically weaken them and destroy the Command Center.

Drakkon Tommy kills Jason

He is also a murderer, as the remains of the Command Center in his world showed heavy damage as did all of the Ranger's Zords and his words to Billy and Tommy about them not "staying long" in his world implies he intended to kill them. A flashback revealed he had killed his world's Jason off-panel after taking away Jason's White Ranger powers and fusing them with his Green Ranger power, carrying the fallen Red Ranger's cracked helmet in his hand after morphing into his new fused form. It is also implied he murdered the Billy Cranston of his world when the Blue Ranger shielded Trini from an attack meant for her. In Issue #15, he is shown also slaying Alpha 5, Zordon, Ninjor and when still working under Rita as the Green Ranger, decapitating the Blue Senturion. Given his reaction, he feels zero remorse or any kind of feeling from taking innocent lives.

He is also a cruel leader to his subordinates, as he regularly punishes a simple mistake or failure from his Ranger Sentries by stripping them of their powers with a very painful electrocution via a switch on his throne. He then orders the failed Sentry to be sent away and bestows their Ranger power to a more competent soldier.

His sense of superiority is clearly connected to his immense powers, due to the hybridization of the Green Dragon and White Tiger power coins giving him unparalleled power compared to other Rangers of considerable might, such as his reality's Jason Scott. However, when he was finally stripped of his powers, he was clearly in a state of shock, if not traumatized by having the source of his power taken from him, as he had relied on them for so long, bordering on delusions of invincibility. He quickly recovered, and resorted to using psychological warfare against his alternate self, displaying a clear and astute understanding of how to demoralize his enemies by targeting their insecurities. This trait and skill may have been something he was tutored in by his world's Rita, who has been prone to tormenting her enemies psychologically repeatedly in the past.

Drakkon is incredibly arrogant, believing that his hybridized powers made him superior to all other Rangers before and after him. His sense of superiority was so great that he voluntarily leaped into a gorge to what he presumably believed to be his death rather than be shamefully defeated and taken captive by his hated younger counterpart.

Though powerful, his strategic mind and actual fighting prowess paled in comparison to that of his younger self, as when the two were in their base forms, Drakkon did not dare to attack Tommy. This was likely due to him still being in a state of shock over the loss of his powers and being rendered entirely human and being comparatively outmatched by his younger self who was still in his physical prime. This shows that due to his over-reliance on his powers that Drakkon felt quite vulnerable and somewhat meek and cowardly without them.

Lord Drakkon


The concept art for the "Mysterious Ranger" (Lord Drakkon).



Behind the Scenes

  • Jamal Campbell's model art calls the Ranger simply by the name of "Mysterious Ranger" upon his first appearance.



  • In the 2017 Annual story Search Party, it is revealed that Tommy adopted the name 'Drakkon' from another of Rita's proteges from years past, from the 46th planet of the Toki System. Drakkon was also a warlord under the watchful eye of Rita.
  • Despite being in control of a Dragonzord, the overall design of the suit combines the appearance of both the original Green Ranger and the White Ranger. This hybridization of the two forms has been theorized about for years by fans, resulting in countless fan-art submissions over the years.
  • He was announced in SDCC 2017 week as playable in Power Rangers Legacy Wars along with Black Dragon.
  • His first piece of merchandise is a bust by Pop Culture Studios.

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