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This article is about a/an villain in Power Rangers Dino Super Charge.

Lord Arcanon is a villain in Power Rangers Dino Super Charge and the one whom Singe truly works for.[1][2]

Character History

Arcanon is implied to have sent Singe to Earth to keep a close watch on the villainous activities on the planet. He is hinted to also seek the Energems, putting him into direct competition with Snide, Heckyl and Sledge for their control. However, unlike them, it is suggested he prefers, at least for a while, to play safe, sending his servants to do his work, rather than personally handling matters. It is also clear he will later come to the world himself, and openly declare competition against both the Dino Charge Rangers and the other villains.


Arcanon is thought to rival Sledge, Heckyl and Snide in power and exceed all other villains, including the strongest generals, like Singe.


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