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This article is about a/an tribe in Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.

Lithia Tribe (リシヤ族 Rishiya Zoku): Mei's tribe, which worshiped the Pteranodon.

The Lithia tribe is noted as the most skilled archers, the greatest being Lithiantheus, with the ability to shoot anything with their great skill. It was due to this skill that Mei was put to sleep by Witch Bandora during the Dora Ladon incident, to prevent her in particular from stopping the Dora Monster with her archery skills.Ep. 13: Fire! The Golden Arrow

The Lithia Tribe's greatest enemy was the Guzzler, a creature that ate and manipulated flowers and devastated the kingdom. In order to stop it, Princess Yui sacrificed her life using the Rishayam flower in order to take down Guzzler and free her kingdom from the threat. When Bandora decides to use her own Guzzler as a Dora Monster, Mei is forced to manage it on her own.Ep. 27: I Want to Eat Mei

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