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Tommy Oliver appears in:



Video game appearances

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

In the game Power Rangers Legacy Wars, Tommy Oliver is playable as the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, White Ranger, as well as Green Ranger V2 as seen in the fan series Super Power Beat Down.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mega Battle

An alternate version of Tommy with a slightly altered history appears in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle.

Webseries appearances

Super Power Beat Down

Super Power Beat Down Green Ranger

Tommy Oliver, as the Green Ranger V2, challenges Ryu.

An older, more seasoned Tommy Oliver appeared and battled a man called Scorpion, who was attacking an innocent woman. Tommy took the form of the White Ranger, and used Saba. White Ranger vs. Scorpion

As the Green Ranger V2, he challenged and defeated another powerful warrior called Ryu. Green Ranger vs. Ryu

The webseries, which depicts Tommy Oliver battling Mortal Kombat & Street Fighter characters, was claimed by Jason David Frank to be "approved" by Saban. The Green Ranger V2 also made his way into Power Rangers Legacy Wars, as mentioned above.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (2016 Comics)

Two alternate versions of Tommy (/Lord Drakkon) with altered histories appears in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios).


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