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This article is about a/an list of appearances in Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan.

The Omnipotent appears in the following:


  1. Ep. 5: The Wicked Sun God (邪悪な太陽神 Jaaku na Taiyōshin)
  2. Ep. 48: The Giant Aircraft Carrier has been Stolen (奪われた巨大空母 Ubawareta Kyodai Kūbo)
  3. Ep. 49: The Queen's Last Appirition Art (女王最期の妖魔術 Joō Saigo no Yōma Jutsu)
  4. Final Ep.: Shine, North Pole Aurora (輝け北極オーロラ Kagayake Hokkyoku Ōrora)

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