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List of Denji Gattai Galaxy Mega's appearances

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This article is about a/an a list of appearances in Denji Sentai Megaranger.

Denji Gattai Galaxy Mega appears in the following:


  1. Ep. 2: Look! Our Galaxy Mega
  2. Ep. 3: For Real! A Huge Nezire Beast
  3. Ep. 4: Smash it! Shibolena's Trap
  4. Ep. 5: Decide! This Is an Underhanded Battle
  5. Ep. 6: We Did It, eh!? The Roaring Digitank
  6. Ep. 7: What the? The Annoying Groupie Daughter
  7. Ep. 8: Will We Lose!? Reverse Teamwork
  8. Ep. 9: Reveal! The CD Demons Lurk In
  9. Ep. 10: Goodbye! The Android of Sadness
  10. Ep. 11: Danger! The Temptation of the Red Rose
  11. Ep. 12: Worry! We're Lazy Teachers
  12. Ep. 13: Heartthrob! Our Teacher Is Like the Wind
  13. Ep. 14: Surprise! The Neighbors are Neziregian
  14. Ep. 15: See Through It! The Mecha of Genius High
  15. Ep. 16: Very Bad! Will We Die?
  16. Ep. 17: Way Cool! The Sexy Super Miku
  17. Ep. 18: Protect it! The Mysterious Boy's Forest
  18. Ep. 19: Thrust! The Persistent Deadly Punch
  19. Ep. 20: Count on it! The New Robo, Delta Mega
  20. Ep. 21: Right Now! The Life-Threatening Super Combination
  21. Ep. 22: Break Out! The Demonic Labyrinth
  22. Ep. 23: Why! My Egg Is a Nezire Beast
  23. Ep. 24: Running Alone! The New Silver Face
  24. Ep. 25: Just in Time! Time Limit: 2.5 Minutes
  25. Ep. 26: Really? The End of Neziregia
  26. Ep. 27: Kick Them About! The Demonic Coral That Calls Death
  27. Ep. 28: It's Over! The Explosive Granny Whirlwind
  28. Ep. 29: I Want to Lose Weight! Miku's Dubious Diet
  29. Ep. 30: Explosion! The Combination of Friendship
  30. Ep. 31: Stop it! Guirail's Reckless Run
  31. Ep. 32: Is It the End!? Desperate Situation, Galaxy Mega
  32. Ep. 43: We Won't Lose! The Decisive Battle is on Christmas Eve
  33. Ep. 50: Sublime! The Red-Hot Super Soldier Yugande
  34. Final Ep.: Seize it! Our Diplomas


Stage Shows/Live Appearances

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