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Lipsyncher is a lipstick monster created by Lord Zedd from Trini's "siren song red" lipstick found inside of Kimberly's purse. Lipsyncher has a voice that can emit powerful sound waves that can destroy almost anything in its path. She also uses a powerful sharp-edged lip-shaped sword during battle. When Lipsyncher faces off against Jason, the Red Ranger slashes her face when he throws his Power Sword at her. This causes a red cut to appear on Lipsyncher's face and she gets extremely annoyed when her face gets damaged, as she is very vain. Zedd makes her grow and Jason calls on the Red Dragon Thunderzord and has it switch to Warrior Mode, which ends up losing in a one-on-one match against the Lipsyncher. The other Rangers soon arrive, and the individual Thunderzords take on Lipsyncher. After a short battle, Lipsyncher was destroyed by the Red Dragon Thunderzord's diving staff attack. Upon her destruction, Trini's lipstick returned to its original state and she was banished to the Shadow World.

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