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Lipstick Songstress (口紅歌姫 Kuchibeni Utahime, 5, 6 & Movie) A Gorma in the service of Lieutenant Colonel Gara, the Lipstick Songtress is extremely vain. A master of the Fist of the Lipstick (口紅真剣 Kunchibenishinken) fighting style, she uses song-based attacks. When her face was scarred from a fight with Rin, she vowed vengeance.

Character History

A swipe of her lipstick across a woman's lips turned the victim into a controlled slave, singing a dangerous soprano tone that tended to blow out our heroes' eardrums. Killed by Mythical Chi Warrior Ryuuseioh and the Heavenly Chi Palace. She was brought back in the Dairanger movie by Duke of Trumps to battle the Dairangers, her human form being a harem girl with big lips, and then was absorbed by him to become Great King Ojaru.


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Behind the Scenes


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